Adventure Everest

  • Arrival

    Landed at Kathmandu, India. Kathmandu is the capitol and most economically advanced city in Nepal. Kathamndu's tourist rate is not only due to the fact of Everest being so near, but is that of the economical industries in Nepal and close areas. Tourism is so important there, it is somtimes called the thrird religion, (haha). Most income of the people in Nepal are based on the tourists.
  • Information

    Receive base camp information
  • Weather

    REports of severe weather, trip delayed.
  • Details

    Start working out final details of the trip.
  • Begining

    On March 31, 1996, the expedition begins on the trecherous, monsterous, human-consuming mountain called Everest. This mountain is the tallest point on earths crust, reaching up to 29, 029 feet at its highest point. During the '1996 Disaster', there were eight fatalities. Everest has claimed a recorded 210 lives. Some conditions are so terrible, the bodies must be left where they fall, and many corpses are veiwable for present climbers. Everest is huge...and deadly.
  • Height Update

    REach 9200 feet.
  • Height Update

    Height Update
    Reach 16000feet, Khumbu Glacier, 12 miles of ice.
  • Height update

    Height update
    REach 16200 feet, The Lobuje
  • Arrival

    Arrived at base camp and had a Puja Ceremony. A puja ceremony is a gathering to pray and offer gifts to god. On Everest, Puja ceremonies are held before each climbing edition. During these ceremonies, climbers and guides pray and offer gifts to the 'gods of everest'. The ceremonies are tradition and are held before each climb.
  • Rest

    REsting after passage through Ice Fall
  • Height Update

    Reach Everest Base camp, 17600 feet
  • Camp 1

    Camp 1
    Spent the night at camp 1
  • Lower Ice Fall

    Descent into Lower Ice Fall.
  • Camp 2

    Team acclimatizes at Camp 2
  • Sickness

    Info on Edema
    Nawang sick with edema, very sick.
    Edema is a illness in which fluids in the become trapped within tissues. Edema can be caused by many things; too much salt, sunburn, heart failure, kidney disease, liver issues, pregnancy, some medications, and excessive walking or standing in extreme conditions. Edema can be permanent or temporary, coming and going time to time. It can be prevented only by preventing the causes.
  • repairs

    group ropes need to be fixed at South Col.
  • Rushing

    Newang rushed to Kathmandu.
  • Camp 3

    Camp 3
    Team now stable (O2) at camp 3, 24000 feet.
  • Camp 2

    Camp 2
    map of everest Descended back to camp 2 for a rest.
  • Fischer's Team

    Fischer's Crew is looking strong.
  • Camp 2

    Resting at cmap 2
  • Leaving

    Lesft camp 2, 21300 feet
  • Camp 3

    Reach Camp 3
  • Height Update

    Reach 27600 feet, The Balcony. The balcony is a small platform at 27600 feet. The air is thin on the balcony so the climbers wear oxygen tanks to aid their breathing. from the balcony, you can see peaks of the Himalayan Mountains far below you. For some climbers, the trip down is tougher than the trip up. In fact, most deaths on Everest occured on the way down the mountain.
  • Height Update

    Reach Summit, 29028 feet.
  • Descent

    1:17 pm, begin decsent.
  • Stranded

    Scott Fischer and Rob Hall stranded on Everest.
  • Burial.

    Fischer buried above South Col as teh team regroups
  • New Leader

    New leader Beidelman pieces together disaster
  • Primary Source

    "I can't understand why men make all this fuss about Everest--it's only a mountain"
    -Junko Tabei