Storage Devices

  • Punch cards

    Punch cards were the first device to hold data for backup. They were also used in case of loss data in the computer. Early computers often used punch cards for input programs and data.
    They were used in textile industry
  • Punched tape

    Punched tapes were rows of charcaters. each row of tape represented one character. with puched tape they could store more data because they could fold it and make it thinner so that it would store more data than punch cards.
  • Magnetic drum memory

    It was used in computers as the main storage in the computer. Later on when people started to use it they made it so it could hold more data. It had 40 tracks, 10 kB of storage space, and spun at 12,500 revolutions per minute.
  • Selectron tubes.

    These selectron tubes were 10 inches long and it could hold about 4000 bits. It was an early form of computer memory. They were very expensive so they weren't on the market for a long time.
  • Magnetic tape

    It was the best way to store data in computers. It stored as much data as 10 000 punch cards in one magnetic roll. It was the best product in the market untill the 1980's. It was first used by IBM.
  • Hard disk drive

    The first hard disk was made and used by IMB that selled it with one of their coputers. It could store 5 million characters in just 5MB
  • 503 RAMAC

    It was inveted by IBM. It could hold up to 4.4Mb of data. It was formed by fifty 24inches magnetical disks
  • Laser disk

    They were invented in 1958, but they didn't showthem the puclic untill 1972. after 6 years they were on the market. They wouldn't store data, but they could store videos in it.
  • Compact Cassette

    The cassette was first introduced in 1963 but it only got famous by 1970.IA standard 90 cassette could store 700KB to 1MB on each side of the cassette. You could buy loads of cassettes and store your favourite movie in it in about 280 days.
  • Floppy disk

    It was fist introduced in 1969, it was a 8inch disk that could hold 80KB. Later in 1973 it could hold 256KB. After a long time , disks got smaller and became bigger in memory.
  • Compact disk

    They had the origins of laser disks but much smaller and les memory. It was made by a coperation by philips and sony. It was lately on the market in 1982. Thy were like a normal CD now.
  • DVD

    They were invented form the idea of CD. They were only used later around the 2000 years. They were used for videos and data storage.