Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan Conflicts

By xxxtre
  • The US helps the Shah of Iran

    Brzezinski called the Shah to tell them that the US would "back him to the hilt".
  • The shah of Iran Leaves the Country

    The shah of Iran Leaves the Country
    First major demonstrations of protesting against the shah began in January 1978 and over time the protests and strikes got worse untill the shah ended up leaving in mid january.
  • The islamic Revolution in Iran

    After the Shah left the country the Iranian peoples voted for the direction their government will take. 98% voted in favor of a republic over a monarchy.
  • Hostages Taken in Iran

    Hostages Taken in Iran
    53 American hostages were held for 444days. They were realsed 20 minutes after Reagan took office on January 20, 1981.
  • US Supports the Taliban

    The CIA funded the Taliban in fighting the USSR.The official name was "Operation Cyclone" and it provided assistance t anti-soviet forces through the Pakistan intelligence sevices.
  • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

    It was a battle between Islamic Mujahideen vs People's Democratic party. The Soviet Union supported PDPA and the U.S. supported Islamic Mujahideen. The USSR and anti-communist guerillas fought in Afghanistan.
  • Iran-Iraq war begins

    Began when Iraq invaded Iran and lasted 8 years. Both sides used trench warfare like in WWI. Siece fire called on August 20,1988
  • Suddam Hussien Supported by US

    Suddam Hussien Supported by US
    Reagan was afraid Iraq would lose the Iran-Iraq war. Iraq was the third largest recipient of the US. The US helped Iraq spot Iranian troops with chemical weapons.
  • Iran Contra Scandal

    It was a political scandal in the U.S. during Reagen's administration. The U.S. sold weapons to Iran to secure the hostages. Iran then sold them to Nicuaragua.
  • Iraq Invades Kuwait

    Iraq Invades Kuwait
    Iraq sent many soldiers and squadrons including special forces, commandos, gun ships, and fighter air-jets. The goal was to gain air superiority. Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing oil.
  • Dessert Shield Operation

    The U.S. sent troops to Suadi Arabia.
  • Desert Storm Opertion

    This was a air campain that destroyed Iraqi radar sites near the Iraq - Suadia Arabia border.
  • International Observers Monitor Iraq and it's Weapons Program

    International Observers Monitor Iraq and it's Weapons Program
    The US and UK claimed Iraq had possesion of weapons of mass destruction posted a threat to them and their allies.
  • Operation Enduring Freedom

    The US's official name for the war against terrorism. Began after 9/11. Many other countries also went into Afghanistan including the UK, Germany and over 39others.
  • U.S. sends troops to Afghanistan

    U.S. sends troops to Afghanistan
    After 9/11, the U.S. launched an attack on the president of the Taliban.
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Involved a multinational force inclding UK and the US that was an ongoing campaign for the invasion of Iraq.
  • NATO Airstrike in Kunduz

    American war-jet blasted two fuel tankers hi-jacked by the Taliban killing 90 people. Afghan president condemned US soldiers for it and startd conflicts.
  • Strategic Partner Agreement

    US president George W. Bush visted Afghanistan hailing Hamid Karzai as an example of a great leader. Hamid Karzai became president of Afghanistan.