AIF on the western front

  • battle of the Somme began

    the first battle of Somme began, intended to break the deadlock on the Western front
  • Australian Fifth Division

    The Australian Fifth Division lost over 5000 in an attack at Fromelles to the north.
  • USA entered the war

    The USA entered the war on the Allied side not correct date*
  • Australian at German lines

    Australians were sent against the German lines near Bullecourt not correct datae*
  • Fighting in Ypres

    The terrible fighting around Ypres was back not correct date*
  • German attack

    The Germans launched one last great, desperate offensive not correct date*
  • Australians first large Allied attack

    Australian troops made the first large Allied attack in France and succeeded. not correct date*
  • battalions refused

    Two battalions refused to obey orders. not correctdate*
  • War ended

    The war ended with the Armistive of 11 November 1918.