The Puritian Legacy

By miancam
  • WIlliam Bradford's family support.

    WIlliam Bradford's family support.
    Did the loss of support from Bradford's family change the way he did things after he joined the Nonconformist society? Bradford changed in a sense that we did things different then what his family would've preferred. He went different places, believed different things, and broke the law. Within the places that he went, that could've been where he met his wife. He believed that the government should not tell them where or when to meet and he also believed that he should stand up for what he
  • coninued...

    believed in as opposed to his family.
  • Mary Rowlandson: A Hero or a Traitor?

    Mary Rowlandson: A Hero or a Traitor?
    Did Mary Rowlandson abandon her society to help those who kidnap her? Mary Rowlandson's position in this situation is not a common occurance. She was kidnaped for ransom, her and her baby were almost to the point of starvation (not on purpose though), and she had the tragic loss of her son. But even through all of this, she still saw the side of the Native Americans. She was not angry or upset. She wanted to help them. She was kind. She saw what others could not.