20th Centuary timeline

By Laiw4
  • Einstein Proposes His Theory of Relativity

    In 1905, Albert Einstein, a 26-year-old patent clerk, wrote a paper that revolutionized science. In his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein explained that the speed of light was constant but that both space and time were relative to the position of the observer. This was significant because it opened a new door to theoretical physicists. That inspired other scientists to other great discoveries.
  • Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

    World war 1 was started after the assassination of an Austrian Duke. This is significant because World war 1 was was caused because of this event.
  • The Great Depression

    The crash of wall street caused the Great Depression. It lasted to the 1940s.A severe economic downturn caused by an overly-confident, over-extended stock market and a drought a struck. This was significant because countless of people lost their jobs. America had an econmic crisis.
  • Salt March

    61-year-old Mahatma Gandhi led an ever-growing group of followers from the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea at Dandi, India. Upon arriving at the beach in Dandi on the morning of April 6, 1930, loincloth-clad Gandhi reached down and scooped up a lump of salt and held it high. which ultimately led to India’s independence 17 years later. This is significant because it alerted the world their in-equality.
  • Start of world war II

    Hitler caused world war II. Being chancellor of Germany he launched attacks and wars against other countries. And some joined him and some against him and soon they were actsys and the allies. the allies won and the actsys loss. and the allies consist russia and U.S. This is significant because the world war started due to Hitler.
  • Pearl Harbour Attack

    The Japanese surprise attacked The Pearl Harbour on a sunday morning. After just two hours of bombing, more than 2,400 Americans were dead, 21 ships were wrecked. The Americans outraged and abandoned its policy of isolationism and declared war the following day officially bringing the U.S into World War II. This is significant because a significant amount of people died. Also the Americans had no idea the attack was going to fall on them. They underestimated the Japanese by a great deal.
  • Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    The a Vietnam War was significant because it has a presentation of the two powers during the cold war.
  • cultural revolution

    Mao Zedong tried to reduce the national debt. Which caused famines and deaths. They were under martial rules. This was significant because it lead China forward. Another name for the cultural revolution was called The Great Leap Forward.
  • Tian An Men Square Protest

    Students were protesting in front of the Tian An Men Square, hoping for democracy. They were protesting peacefully and merely marching and causing no harm but the China government sent military tanks to run over the students. In a total of 241 people who died because of the incident. This is significant because there were a large amount of people that died, and not only were they normal people, they were students. The Chinese Government not only sent unnecessary force and killed innocent lives.