20's & 30's Sports And Entertainment

  • 1920 Winter Olympics

    1920 Winter Olympics
    The Winnipeg Falcons was a Mens amatuer Hockey team. During the 1990-1920 season the Falcons won the Allan cup.The falcons went on to represent Canada in the !920 Winter Olympics held in Antwerp.The team beat all of their opponents and won Canada their first olympic gold medal in ice-hockey.
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    20's & 30's Sports And Entertainment

  • Sports

    When 16 different nations gathered for the 1924 Winter Olympics the Toronto Granites bring home the Gold Medal for Canada,The team won sll five matches. The final game being the closest, Canada defeated the United States 6-1.
  • The Change in Music

    The Change in Music
    West End Blues-Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong, not only changed music, but he also made one of his most famous recordings. The record was West End Blues.The recording set a standard for jazz for many years.Louis Armstrong was known as " the worlds greatest trumpet player"
  • Films

    Lights of New YorkJuly 28, Lights of New York was released by the Warner Brothers. It Was the first complete "talkie film". A dialog was spoken through out the film, Previous films were Don Jaun and The jazz Singer which used a synchronized soundtrack with sound effects and music with the exception of a few lines spoken in the Jazz Singer
  • Movies

    King Kong (1933)The motion picture King Kong came out.The films tells s story of an ape creature named Kong who dies while trying to posess a young women Since the original the film has been remade twice; in 1976 and 2005.
  • Wizard Of Oz

    Wizard Of Oz
    Wizard Of Oz The Wizard of Oz made its screen debut in 1939.