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black and white/randy ingenice

  • first robery

    first robery
    they robed a lady
    what did they need to pay off and why? was this a good choice
  • smokeing pot (look at description)

    smokeing pot (look at description)
    people think there smokeing mairijuana
  • second robbery

    second robbery
  • went too mcdonelds

    went too mcdonelds
    left tokens
  • wight castle

    wight castle
    went too wight castle to get some grub
    how did they get the money too go too wight castle
  • 3rd robery

    3rd robery
  • simbolizem

    why diddent the dective erest markus when he saw him
  • markus and eddy get new kiks

    markus and eddy get new kiks
    get shooes
  • go too movies

    go too movies
    with famaly and friends