2022 Entrepreneurship and Innovations

By NiravK
  • Electric Drill

    Australian electrical engineer Arthur James Arnot patented the world’s first electric drill with his colleague William Brain. The invention was originally designed to drill rock and dig coal.
  • Electronic Pacemaker

    They send small electric charges into the heart to help it maintain a regular beat.
  • Black Box Flight Recorder

    A system built into planes for communication
  • Medical Application Of Pencillin

    Used to save lives from infections and bacterias
  • Inflatable Escape Raft and Slide

    Jack Grant, an employee of Qantas, invented the inflatable aircraft escape slide, which is now mandatory safety equipment on all major airlines. The slides can also be used as a flotation device if the aircraft lands on water.
  • Permanent Crease Clothing

    CSIRO developed a process called Si-Ro-Set. The technique uses chemicals to permanently alter the structure of wool fibres so they can be set with heat. This technology allowed for fashion innovations such as permanently pleated skirts.
  • Ultrasound Scanner

    Laboratories Branch (later to become the Ultrasonic Institute) discovered a way to differentiate ultrasound echoes bouncing off soft tissue in the body and converting them to TV images.
  • Plastic Spectacle Lenses

    Sola Optical released the first scratch-resistant plastic lens for glasses.Plastic lenses are used throughout the world due to their many benefits including safety, their light weight, and durability.
  • Cochlear Implant (Bionic Ear)

    Cochlear implants are devices that are implanted into the head to electronically stimulate the auditory nerve so that they can hear clearly
  • Premaculture

    Bill Mollison had the epiphany which led to the development of permaculture, a concept that uses a natural approach to designing self-sufficient human settlements and agricultural systems
  • Triton Workcentre

    George Lewin appeared on ABC TV’s The Inventors program with his new invention, the Triton Workcentre. The day after the show, his multi-purpose workbench which stabilises and improves the accuracy of portable power tools had more than 1000 orders. It is estimated that 10 per cent of Australian households with a garage now have a Triton Workcentre.
  • Racecam

    Channel 7 introduced live television broadcasting from racing cars, allowing viewers to watch the race from the driver’s perspective. Today the Racecam has been adapted to fit other sporting events such as snow skiing, basketball and cricket.
  • Winged Keel

    Ben Lexcen, an Australian yachtsman and marine architect, invented the winged keel which is a nearly horizontal foil, or wing, at the base of a sailing boat keel
  • Polymer Bank Notes

    Our bank notes are made from a special polymer which, along with a series of in-built security devices, makes them almost impossible to counterfeit.
  • Wi-Fi

    John O’ Sullivan and the CSIRO developed Wi-Fi technology, used by more than a billion people around the world today. The core parts of the technology came out of research in the mid-1970s in the field of radio astronomy
  • Frazier Lense

    Australian inventor Jim Frazier’s deep-focus lens was patented in the United States. His innovative lens allowed for both the subject and background to be in focus at the same time. It also has the ability to rotate without the movement of the camera. The lens is now commonly used in movies and film throughout the world.
  • Spray-On Skin

    The innovation involves taking a small patch of the victim’s healthy skin and using it to grow new skin cells in a laboratory. The new skin cells are then sprayed on the victim’s damaged skin. This process significantly reduces recovery time and scarring.
  • Google Maps

    A navigation system for cars so that they know the route to where they are going
  • Gardasil and Cervarix Cancer Vaccines

    Professor Ian Frazer and Dr Jian Zhou developed the world’s first anti-cancer vaccine. Known by the commercial name, Gardasil, the vaccine protects women against four strains of a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Tank Bread Tuna System

    The clean-seas system fools the tuna in a tank into thinking they are swimming out of the Australian Bight and into their breeding grounds.