• Zokinvy

    Zokinvy was approved by the FDA to help aid children who had a rare disease called Progeria. While it could not cure it fully, it has dropped the mortality rate by 60%.
  • Hyper-personalized medicine

    Understanding the genes of people to help create medication that is tailored to ones genes. This has been in the works but has now been in experimental stage on people. This includes gene replacement, anti-sense and editing to help especially with rare diseases.
  • Tombot Jennie

    Tombot Jennie
    People with mental health issues especially seniors with dementia can’t afford to take care of their most beloved pets; so this often results in them being taken away. This causes more problems. This robot was made to look and act like a puppy to help them get the friend they need so they don’t have to be alone during a tough time.
  • Total Cookie protection

    Firefox created “Total Cookie Protection” for all its users. This would help to make sure you would not be tracked from site to site when accepting cookie but make them be stuck on only the one site
  • Third generation Oura Ring

    Third generation Oura Ring
    This new version is made to help monitor and your heart rate, sleep, temperature and oxygen level so it can give you support to help improve health in daily life.