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  • Helicopter Crash Kills 9

    Helicopter Crash Kills 9
    On January 26, a helicopter crash in California killed all 9 people on board, two of whom were Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter. Police are still investigating the crash but suspect it was caused by foggy conditions. (CNN)
  • Ruptured Gas Line in Texas

    Ruptured Gas Line in Texas
    On February 17, a ruptured gas line in Corpus Christi, Texas caused 150-foot flames to shoot out. The cause of the rupture is still under investigation and no injuries have been reported. (CNN)
  • Coronavirus Updates

    Coronavirus Updates
    On March 4, the CDC announced that there were 129 reported Coronavirus cases in the US. This includes cases that have not yet been investigated by the CDC. As of now, ten people have died in the state of Washington. On March 5, California declared a state of emergency after one person died from the Coronavirus. The 71-year-old man was aboard a cruise ship now stationed in California, and he had underlying health issues. (BBC/Reuters)
  • Fire at Florida Airport

    Fire at Florida Airport
    On April 6, over 3,500 rental cars were destroyed as a fire spread in the grassy area of Florida Southwest International Airport. The fire department was able to distinguish the flames after a few hours. (CNN)
  • Murder Hornets Spotted in the US

    Murder Hornets Spotted in the US
    On May 4, a highly venomous and invasive hornet species, dubbed “Murder Hornets,” have been spotted in the US. The hornets originated in Asia, but have now been spotted in Washington state. They have been killing the already dying bee population in the state. The hornets are longer than two inches, and if stung multiple times, a human can die from the sting. (CNN)
  • Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP)

    Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP)
    On June 23, a third shooting in CHOP left one person injured. A shooting that occurred a few days prior left one 19-year-old occupant dead. On June 24, CHOP’s (the autonomous zone in Seattle) leader announced that most people had left the area. The announcement comes after the mayor stated she would persuade people to leave soon. CHOP’s leader has stated that the “CHOP project is now concluded”. (CNN)
  • Gun Violence Surges in Chicago

    Gun Violence Surges in Chicago
    On July 19, a total of 25 people were shot in Chicago, four of whom died. Over the weekend, a total of 63 people were shot, twelve of whom died. On July 22, at least 15 people were injured after a drive-by shooting at a Chicago funeral home. Police have attributed many of the shootings to rising gang activity. (CNN)
  • Joe Biden Announces Running Mate

    Joe Biden Announces Running Mate
    On August 12, Joe Biden announced that he has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris is a strong advocate for diversity and equality. (BBC)
  • Trump and Biden Have the First Debate

    Trump and Biden Have the First Debate
    On September 29, President Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden had the first debate, which many think could be the last. According to CNN, the debate was filled with shouting and interruptions. The questions discussed included the pandemic, voting fraud, and climate change. (CNN)
  • Record Breaking Votes

    Record Breaking Votes
    On October 19, various states reported record-breaking numbers regarding early votes ahead of the November 3 election. Many states have seen a dramatic increase in the number of absentee ballots. States are also seeing a boom in US postal ballot requests. So far, registered Democrats have voted more than registered Republicans. (BBC)
  • Riot Declared in Portland

    Riot Declared in Portland
    On November 1, Portland police declared a riot after many businesses were broken into during new protests. Law enforcement officials stated that about 150 gathered to march before a few began throwing objects at the police, quickly escalating to throwing objects at surrounding businesses. (CNN)
  • Coronavirus Updates

    Coronavirus Updates
    On December 7, New York City welcomed elementary school students back to class after the biggest district in the country shut down two weeks earlier. While younger students are allowed back, the older students will have to continue remote learning. On December 11, the FDA issued authorization for the Pfizer vaccine to be used. Millions of doses are expected to be shipped to the US in the next few days. (CNN)