History Of Cosmetics by Monet Jackson

  • How it all started

    Black entrepreneur Annie Turnbo begins selling hair treatments, including non-damaging hair straighteners, hair growers, and hair conditioners door to door.
  • Migrates

    Max Factor migrates from Lodz, Ploand, to the united states, and four years later to Los Angeles, where he sells make-up to movie stars that does not cake or crack.
  • Dye

    French chemist develops the first safe commercial hair dy. in 1910 he names his company L'Oreal.
  • Mascara

    T.J Williams founds Maybelline, which specializes in mascara.
  • LipStick

    Lipstick is introduced in cylindrical metal tubes.
  • Bobby Pins

    The bobby pin is invented to manage short hair.
  • Nail Polish

    Nail Polish
    Charles & Joseph Revson, nail polish distributors, and charlesLackman, a nail polish supplier, found Revlon, which sells nail polish in a wide variety of colors.
  • Perm

    A new method for permanent waving, using chemicals, which doesn't require electricity or cachines, is introduced.
  • Pan-Cake MakeUp

    Pan-Cake MakeUp
    Pan-Cake makeup, originally developed to look natural on color flim, was created by Max Factor.
  • HairSpray

    Aerosols are patented, paving the way for hair spray.
  • Sunscreen

    A Miami Beach pharmacist, Benjamin Green develops sunscreen to protect soliders in South Pacific.
  • Brushes For Mascara

    Brushes For Mascara
    Mascara wands debut, eliminating the need for applying mascara with a brush.
  • CoverGirl

    Cover Girl make-up , one of the first brands sold in grocery stores and targeted to teens, is introduced by Noxema.
  • Revlon

    Revlon offers the first powered blush on.