2000's tech

  • USB Flashdrive

    The First flashdrive is known as the Trek 2000 International. It is a mobile storage device. It is still very useful to this day as I would say anyone who has a computer or works with them has one.
  • IPod

    The IPod was a portable music playing device created by Apple. They stopped producing them in 2017 but without it the IPhone or IPad wouldn't exist.
  • BlackBerry

    Known as the first smartphone created which inspired IPhone and Andriod. First phone to be able to check your calender, recieve email, and etc
  • IPhone

    The moment that blew up the world when the first IPhone came out. It had a 2 megapixel camera, 3.5 inch 320 x 480 LCD screen. Apple is probably the most popular company for smartphones to this day.
  • Kindle

    Kindle is a portable electronic reading device also known as E-Reading. First Version of kindle sold out in just 5 hours. They continued making new versions and still exist to this day.