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  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    The iPhone 4 is a smartphone that was manufactured by Apple in 2010. This model had a bigger and better display, longer lasting battery life and a stronger network. The iPhone kicked off the decade with better features than previously and contributed to the creation of other touch screen phones we use today.
  • ApplePay

    Apple Pay was created by Apple in 2014 and was revolutionary because it was the first time in history we could pay from our phones with a simple tap on a register. There is no need to carry around a physical wallet. If you forget it at home you still have it available on your phone.
  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa
    Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that was released by Amazon in 2014. Alexa has allowed us to do things like control certain features of smart homes like turning lights off/on, check the weather, play music without having to pick up our phones or leave the room.
  • AirPods

    The AirPods were released by Apple in 2016. They are revolutionary because they are cordless headphones that allow us to make phone calls, ask Siri questions, send messages and skip or pause our songs without even having to touch our phones. This is especially useful when you are walking or when your phone is not easily accessible.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Samsung Galaxy Fold
    The Galaxy Fold was released by Samsung in 2019. It's unique because majority of cell phones with a touch screen do not fold. The folding feature allows you to have a larger screen when opened but still be able to fit it in your pocket when closed. Keeping it folded can also help with preventing damage to the screen.