2000s Technology Progression

Timeline created by rrapier17
  • USB Flash Drives

    USB Flash Drives
    A small portable drive to replace floppy disks. Creating the idea of portable storage one can use for personal reasons. Carrying information from one computer to another when plugged in.
  • Bluetooth Headsets

    Bluetooth Headsets
    Bringing the opportunity to have a conversation on the phone through a headset. Being able to have your hands free while talking to someone.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    A video game with a wireless controller. An opportunity for people to move about the room without the wires attaching it. Brought a bunch of cool games to life.
  • Kindle

    Kindles came about the same year as iPhones but was still a cool invention regarding that one had several books with them at all times to choose from when they had the tablet.
  • iPhone

    Tris was a big moment to change the future for all phones. iPhones can take quality pictures, call and txt, search the internet, FaceTime others. It brought about so many new apps.