2010-2020 Timeline

Timeline created by Taylor1010297
  • First iPad Introduced

    First iPad Introduced
    The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. Created by Apple, the iPad is essentially a handheld computer. This allowed people to have a bigger screen that was better for streaming, drawing, and doing work related activities.
  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S
    The Tesla Model S went into full production in 2012. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla was the visionary behind it. The Model S was substantially cheaper than its previous model, the Roadster. This allowed more of the public to buy into green forms of transportation. The Model S is apart of computer history because it contains a very complex on board computer linked to every system with it being all electric.
  • Autonomous Komatsu Haul Trucks

    Autonomous Komatsu Haul Trucks
    In 2016, Komatsu first released it's all self driving mine haul trucks. This changed the mining industry because robots do not become tired, show up late for work, and are reliable. The trucks are monitored via GPS, and the routes are programable. Arizona has some of the largest copper mines in the world, so it will be interesting how this technology will affect us all.
  • Google Pay Service

    Google Pay Service
    In 2018, Google introduced google pay. This allows another way consumers can pay mobility. Google also gives consumer incentives to use this service such as rewards and cash back.
  • AR- Guided Surgery Headset

    AR- Guided Surgery Headset
    A new invention that was cleared by the FDA in December 2019. It went into full production in 2020. It is already being used by hospitals. It turns a patients CT scan into a 3-D image, helping surgeons in sensitive areas such as spinal surgery.