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  • Camera Phone Was Introduced

    Camera Phone Was Introduced
    -Introduced in 2000 by Japan's Softbank
    - Model: Phone J-SH04; max resolution of 0.11 megapixels with a 256-color display
  • First Xbox Was Sold

    First Xbox Was Sold
    -2001, Xbox, created by Microsoft
    - Xbox wanted to enter the gaming industry. This was initially seen as a risk for the software company. However, it ended up being a huge success as Microsoft sold out their first year.
  • MySpace

    -2003, MySpace, developed by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson
    -MySpace was one the most popular social networks at it's time with nearly 100 million users. With increasing competition, MySpace eventually lost it's market share to Facebook.
  • Amazon Introduces Cloud-Based Services

    Amazon Introduces Cloud-Based Services
    -2006, Amazon Cloud-Based Services, created by Amazon
    -Allows clients to rent and scale their server space, and retrieve their stored data quickly and efficiently.
  • Apple iphone Is Introduced

    Apple iphone Is Introduced
    -2007, Apple iPhone, Apple
    -Apple's first cell phone that was a web browser, music player, and functioning app