2 J.elliott cold war

  • nuclear arms race

    nuclear arms race
    both sides where racing to get the most warheads. It was argued that the nuclear war would destroy both countrys. The two sides had a disarments that they agreed to ban the missles that destory the missle that where fired. Many countries signed the NPT nuclear pact tready. Where the signed a document where they agreed to not fire nuclear missles. Which then casued a detente a detente where it is a break in a war
  • Korean Conflict

    Korean Conflict
    The koreans where split in half on the 38 degree north mark. Then out of no where the north koreans invaded and almost took it all for them selves. Then the americans step in and start to invade form inch`on and advance greatly the north koreans invade once more pushing the americans further back still the americans push to the 38 degree mark and the make a stalemate this whole confrontation lasted from 1945 to 1953. Then north korean became a communist and south beacme a captiolist market
  • korean contuined

    econmoy. Thats is how th korean conflict ended.
  • chinese civil war

    chinese civil war
    The civil war started in1958 in ended in the year of 1960. A man named Moa took over and bulit one totalatariusm state. He ordered people to come together to make farming and industrialtion stonger like how russian did it to compare to the other countries. The country quickly failed.
  • communist cuba missles crisis

    communist cuba missles crisis
    The cuba missle crisis is where the country of cuba was ruled by a democratic leader by the name of Batista. It was FIidle castros army against the real army he won because of his guerrilla tactics. Which is the tactic where they attack fast and the army was under estimating the Fidle forces the where quickly defeated. The americans where worried that the island 90 miles away from shore the soviets where going to put missles in the island and lanuch them. In return the USA put a embargo line
  • contiue

    so no products could get to cuba they did not want to which is still in effect today
  • veitnam conflict

    veitnam conflict
    As France tried to invade Veitnam. They were attacked by gerrilla tactics lead by hochimin a nationalist communist who faught the japanese. He won in the battle at the bloody dienbienphu. As it went on the americans where afraid of the domino effect for communist to spread the americans stepped in to help and quickly lost the fight for vietnam and the quickly pulled out from the front. Because it was a no win stituation the just lost $ and people. They got know support at home so they left
  • Soveits in Afaganastan

    Soveits in Afaganastan
    S.U. has gotten in a long war with the afghanistans. They are in the war to try to modernize the nation but it quickly fails and they are in a no win stituation, They pull out and fail to do anything to the goverment. Some even called the veitnam for the soviets refering to the USA trying to stop communist in veitnam
  • eastern europen independence

    In Europe the freedom demands are increasing greatly but the leaders are not agreeing with the desision. As the communist goverments are falling the people are electing their president to run and rule. People then start to relize why communist governments dont work. Because they dont like being told what to do.