1980s Politics

By asteb27
  • Reagan Elected President

    Ronald Reagan defeats the incumbent Jimmy Carter in a landslide victory
  • Reagan Inaugurated, Hostages Freed

    Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as the 40th president of the United States, shortly followed by the release of all 52 of the hostages held in Iran for the return of $8 billion to Iran
  • Assassination Atttempt on Reagan

    There is an assassination attempt on President Reagen as he returns to his limousine. His lung was punctured, but he made a full and quick recovery
  • Reagan wins Second Term

    Reagan defeats democratic nominee Walter F. Mondale in a landslide victory, winning 525 to 13 electoral votes, thus granting him a public mandate for his second term in office
  • Iran-Contra Affair first reported

    The Iran-Contra affair, where top Reagan officials were caught illegally selling arms to Iran, was first brought to light
  • End of Tran-Contra Affair Hearings

    towards the end of the Iran-Contra hearings, Reagan admidts to having a detrimental policy in place that got out of hand, but not of knowledge of the diversion of funds
  • Supreme Court Nomination Rejected

    Robert Bork is rejected from the Supreme Court in the Senate by the largest margin in history: 58 - 42.
  • Bush Wins Presidential Election

    Republican George H. W. Bush, and former Vice President under Reagan, wins presidential election against Democratic challanger Micheal Dukakis, taking 426 electorial votes to Dukakis' 111