1980s Foreign Policy

By asteb27
  • U.S. withdraws from Olympics

    U.S. withdraws from the Moscow Summer Olympics to protest the continued U.S.S.R. presence in Afghanistan
  • Failed Rescue Attempt

    U.S. attempt to free the U.S. Embassy in Iran hostages fails when a mid-air collision occurs, leaving 8 dead and 5 wounded soldiers
  • Star Wars Defense Initiative

    Reagan first proposes a plan to build an anti ballistic missle system to prevent a nuclear attack
  • 1983 United States embassy bombing

    U.S. embassy bombed, considered the first ant-US terrorist attack by islamic groups
  • Beirut International Airport Bombing

    Two truck bombs exploded around Beirut International Airport. The first killed 241 United States peacekeeping troops, the second killed 43 men, and destroyed a French barracks
  • United States Invades Grenada

    The United States invades Grenada over the destruction of a revolutionary government and the construction of a communist one.
  • Gorbachev and Reagan meet

    For the first time in 6 years, the leaders of the USSR and the UNS meet.
  • Medium Range Missile Ban

    An agreement to ban medium range missiles worldwide is reached between the United States and Soviet Union. The plan to extend this to long range missles fell through when Reagan refused to slow development on the Star Wars Initiative.
  • Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    United States and Soviet Union sign Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and begin to dimantle the thousands of missles in the 300 - 3400 mile range as instructed by the agreement