1970s - Modern Day Timeline

  • Period: to

    Watergate Scandal

    There were five men from the Presidental committee that broke into the Democratic National Committee. At the time it was considered the biggest Presidental scandal in history. Reccordings from the Oval Offic had 18.5 minutes deleted from them.
  • Sagion Falls

    Sagion Falls
    Last soldiers of Vietnam brought home, tried to rescue as many South Vietnamese civilians as possible, but time ran out.
  • President Carter

    President Carter
    The American People decide that Jimmy Carter would be the right President for them.
  • John Paul the Pope

    John Paul the Pope
    John Paul II celebrated mass in the Sisten Chapel to end a feud with the Cardinals .
  • Radioactive Accident

    Radioactive Accident
    Leak from a radioactive power plante (in steam form)
  • Captives in Tiran

    Captives in Tiran
    100th day for the 50 captives in Tiran.
  • John Linnen

    John Linnen
    John Linnen was shot and murdered in his apartment. He was part of "The Beatles".
  • Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Reagan Assassination Attempt
    Reagan was wounded on an assassination attempt. Was joking with doctors and nurses on way to the hospital.
  • Cold War

    Cold War
    Reagan and Russain President decided to get together and change the relationship between the two super powers. They signed the IMF treaty, saying the would be kind to one another.
  • The Challenger

    The Challenger
    It was the 25th space shuttle mission, less than 2min. after lift off the ship exploded. People couldn't really believe it, some civilians referred to the incident as the "national trauma".
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    The internet was introduced, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. People said it was the new hip thing, and that it was the modern day gold rush.
  • Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City
    Major car bomb went off shattering the building, killing children, employees, military men, and sivilians. Thought to be mide- east terrorism actually Timothy McBay, "home- grown" terrorists. Truly blew up the building.
  • Going Home

    Showed how women have changed i nthe past couple of decades, and also showed how the United States had changed as a whole.
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton became President, and people were excited, thought that he would start something good for the United States.
  • Impeachment of the President

    Impeachment of the President
    Monica Belvinskey was involved with President Bill Clinton. When the house was trying to make the decision on whether or not he should be impeached Bob Williamson says he will not vote for the house later to find out he had an affair also.
  • Terrorist Bombing

    Terrorist Bombing
    There was a terrorist bombing in the U.S.S. Coal, 6 sailors dead. Stirred up some major emotions in the United States
  • 9/11

    Bombing on the twin towers, country was not prepared for this attack, didn't think this could happen to us. Even worse when they collapsed, weren't even sure the attacks were over.
  • Iraq

    Trying to help Iraqui people moving toward Democracy. Even though they didn't want to live under Sudan, they didn't want help from the United States. Wanted to fight U.S. government not the U.S. people.
  • Aircraft Carriers

    Just started showing the American public what the army had. And the citizens started to trust just a little bit more.
  • More Iraq

    People thought it would be over soon. Record 80 strikes a day.