By Cringle
  • Beatles Break Up

    Beatles Break Up
    The Beatles didn’t break up because of one incident, but multiple reasons over a long period of time. The events included the cessation of touring, the passing of their manager, and also conflicts both legally and financially. George Harrison and Ringo Starr both left the group in between the years of 1968-1968. They soon realized that they wouldn’t again work together. On April 10, 1970 Paul McCartney gave news of the break-up to the press along with his newly released album, McCartney
  • First Earth Day

    First Earth Day
    n the 1970’s there was no real law or act that said you couldn’t dump into bodies of water or shoot toxic waste in to the air. All of this finally ended when the EPA was created on December 2 of 1970. The EPA was created to consolidate federal monitoring, researching, and setting standards to ensure protection over the environment. EPA is basically meant to clean up the environment and keep it healthy for the American People. International Mother Earth Day.
  • 18 year olds given the vote

    18 year olds given the vote
    The Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution limited the minimum voting age to 18. It was adopted in response to student activism against the Vietnam War and to partially overrule the Supreme Court's decision in Oregon vs. Mitchell.
  • Attica Prison Riot

    Attica Prison Riot
    On August 21, 1971 the riot in Attica Correctional Facility of New York took place because the prisoners didn’t get better living conditions like they asked. 2,200 inmates rebelled and took control over the prison shortly after the death of George Jackson (a fellow inmate),and also took 33 staff members captive. Four days later, Governor Nelson Rockefeller ordered police men to regain control and did. Later, when the incident was done and over with, more than 39 people were killed, including cor
  • Disney First Open

    Disney First Open
    Disney World Opens on October 1, 1971 Disney Land was opened for the first time. It was a major revenue for the State of Florida. It made millions of dollars very quickly. It attracted people from all over the entire world. Disney World’s land was bought in secret because Disney Land was such a big hit.
  • D. B. Cooper

    D. B. Cooper
    D. B. Cooper was and still is an unknown aircraft hijacker in the airspace from Portland to Seattle on November, 24. D. B stole $200,000 in cash and jumped out of the plane with his parachute to his unclear fate. After a time of man hunting, D. B. was never caught nor identified. This case(which is still in FBI archives) is the only air piracy American Aviation to be unsolved.
  • Munich Massacre

    Munich Massacre
    On September 5, 1972 during the summer Olympics in Munich, Bavaria in Western Germany, the Palestinian group Black September took the Israeli Olympic team hostage and eventually killed. After the incident began, the Palestinians demanded 234 prisoners held in Israeli jails to be released. Black Septembers name for the operation was “Ikrit and Biram”. There had been 11 athletes and coaches killed, along with a West German police officer. Israeli special forces and Intelligence tracked down those