Timeline created by Cael Ryan
  • The boom of the 1970s

    The boom of the 1970s
    The farmers made 19% of the crops that got exported in the united states yet farmers only made up only 4.6 percent.
  • A decade of drought

    A decade of drought
    All the farmers did so well in the 1970s that they bought so much land and ended up being in a lot of debt.
  • Energy crisis

    Energy crisis
    Arab wouldnt ship oil to the us because so the farmers couldnt do anything to make crops and what not.
  • New technology

    New technology
    The scientist where coming up with things to help keep the animals safe and sick free so they could save a lot of money because they where loosing a lot of animals to sickness.
  • Farm crisis

    Farm crisis
    since the farmers had that boom they wanted to buy more land then they couldnt pay it off and they where left with a lot of debt
  • Ending farming crisis

    Ending farming crisis
    The banks held off as long as possible and they couldnt pay it off so people stated trading which then opened up world trade organzation and the set rules for all the trades across nations.
  • Conservation paymants

    Conservation paymants
    So the goverment paid the farmers to plant trees and things like that so that way there farm could stay healthy
  • Expanding trade

    Expanding trade
    So the president agreed a bunch of trades to help the farmers in debt and tha lasted a few years.
  • New ways of farming

    New ways of farming
    The farmers are starting to get new ethods of doing things and they can make them woth more money by learning other ways of doing things
  • A big change

    A big change
    The tecnology is becoming biger and the farmers need to use it to become better at what they do and they have to learn how to use all of it make there crops grow better.
  • Precision agriculture

    Precision agriculture
    They are learning how to put less efort into one thng so they can do another and they are doing that by using compters to make it faster and sooner.
  • 1990s was a big time for lots of changes

    1990s was a big time for lots of changes
    They had a bad start with the cold war but after that the economy was booming a the farmers where striving.