• Cars Boom

    • Suburbs boom as cars make it possible for people to live at greater distances from their work place.
    • Small famalies of about 4 in big homes.
    • More and more technology = more jobs
  • John F. Kennedy elected President

    John F. Kennedy elected President
    • Symbolized hope in a time of civil unrest for Ameican Families.
    • Supported programs that strived to end poverty and racism.
    • Civil Rights Act of 1964. This made it to where black and white kids could go to school together.
    • New Frontier - Included federal aid to education, low interest student loans, economic assistance to depressed areas, and the decaying centers of our major cities.
  • Period: to

    Cold War and Vitnam War 1961-1980

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    • Soviets were sending missiles to cuba.
    • Many Americans were scared, because Cuba was so close to the U.S. and missiles could end up in U.S.
    • Cuban missile crisis
    • Kids were growing up being tired hiding under their desks for nuclear bomb drills and were feeling depressed by society.
  • Equal Pay Act

    - Women's salaries were below men's in every occupancy.
  • Lyndon Johnson Elected President

    Lyndon Johnson Elected President
    -Provided needed continuity and stability after Kennedy's death
    -Passed legislations' to protect the nation's land, air, water, wilderness and quality of life for Americans
    -Extended Kennedy's New Deal for Medicaid, Medicare, and education
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    • Outlawed discrimination against African Americans and eliminated discrimination in public facilities.
    • Many were talked bad about, weren't allowed in public facilities and weren't allowed to work.
  • Opportunity Act

    Opportunity Act
    • Provided job training and adult education.
    • Gave loans to small businesses.
  • Voting Rights Act

    • Protect and ensure right to vote.
  • President Richard Nixon Elected

    President Richard Nixon Elected
    • Moved slowly on the economy. -Gave Congress authority to consolidate federal aid programs to cities and states -Made the Post Office a public corporation -Signs clean air bill mandating car manufacturers to reduce pollutants by 90% -Emergency Employment Act providing $2.25 billion for new public service jobs -Signed 60 bills providing $5 billion in benefits for the aged, blind, disabled
  • Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon

    Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon
    • "Space Race" between U.S. and Soviet Union
    • Led to thousands of new modernized forms of technology.
    • Opened up more jobs for Americans.
    • Inspired many Americans.
    • Turned science fiction to reality.
    • Created a proud legacy for the space agency (NASA)
  • Cold War

    • 1945 - 1991
    • Soviets = communism U.S. = Capitalism democracy.
    • Communists were rooted out, many more lives were ruined based on weak evidence.
    • Led to the election of anti-communist presidents such as Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan/
    • Waged economic warfare with the Soviet Union.
  • Most Severe Depression since WWII

    • Decreasing business activity.
    • Rising unemployment.
    • Oil embargo - prices shot up.
    • Federal deficit decreased.
  • Gerald Ford Elected President.

    Gerald Ford Elected President.
    • Introduced tax cuts and government spending restraints
    • Privacy Act of 1974.
  • End of Vietnam War

    • Responsible for heavy strain on financial recources of the U.S. economy
    • Manufacturing goods had to shift toward catering to the demands of the economy.
    • Excessive military spending, no equivallent amount of funds coming into the country.
    • 1960s lifestyle began to erode because of economic paralysis.
  • Deep Recession

    • National gross product fell by 2.5%
    • Number of farmers declined, because demand reduced for farm products.
    • Economic downturn and inflation.
    • Oil crisis
    • Inflation rates increased while economic growth rates declined.
  • Ronald Reagan elected President

    Ronald Reagan elected President
    • Key international trade pacts fueling U.S. business growth.
    • Tax reduction = tenet of growth.
    • Steered toward free markets and away from government control.