1960's Timeline

By JSchni
  • Decade of Proggress

    Decade of Proggress
    Who: americans, Jackie Robinson
    What: Began movement for civil rights
    Where: US
    When: (No specific date) 1940's
    Why: To fight for civil rights and gain equality Many joined togetther and created a group called CORE or Congress of Racial Equality. They were dedicated to nonviolent protests. Also Another Large break was Jackie Robinson being the first to play in the Major Leagues.
  • Nationalist Leader

    Nationalist Leader
    Who: Ho Chi Minh
    What: Became new leader for Northern Vietnam
    Where: Vietnam
    When: September 2, 1945
    Why: After the WWII Ho Chi Minh had became a new leader Ho Chi Minh was a communist leader. He had become a leader of nothern Vietnam after Vietnam had gained its independance. This was after WWII, this would bring a much of a change in the way vietnam was seen.
  • Domino Theory

    Domino Theory
    Who: Eisenhower
    What: The US sent supplies to aid the french
    Where: Vietnam and neighboring countries
    When: 1953
    Why: Believed that communism would spread Eisenhower believed that communism would create a domino effect spreading it to the surrounding countries. Therefor we sent troops, supplies, and ammunition to aid the French.
  • Period: to

    : A Decade of Change

  • Warren Court

    Warren Court
    Who: Warren Court
    What: Made great strives forward on civil rights problems
    Where: California
    When: January 11, 1954
    Why: Set out to fix religous and voting freedoms Many believed that as population increased the legislation needed to increase. Religous freedom was also brought up for the reasons of church in school. It was ruled that it broke the 1st ammendment if someone was denied thier religion in school.
  • Brown Vs. Board

    Brown Vs. Board
    Who: Brown, Courts
    What: Court Cases on civil rights
    Where: Kansas
    When: During 1954
    Why: They wanted to fight segregation in schools During the case of Brown vs Board Thurgood Marshall made a great descion on thier case. Brown was fighting for keeping the school in a non segregated state. Many felt that all children should have equal rights
  • Geneva Conference

    Geneva Conference
    Who: Representatives from many of the great nations
    What: Gathered to work out a peace agreement
    Where: Geneva, Switzerland
    When: July, 1954
    Why:To create a cease-fire At the conference they had divided Indochina into districts. Vietnam was split by the 17th parrellel in order to stop fighting between the north and south.
  • Little Rock Children

    Little Rock Children
    Who: 9 African American Children
    What: Where not being allowed into school
    Where: Little Rock, Arkansas
    When: September 4, 1957
    Why: Many thought that the brown decision was absurd and would not let the children in due to thier race 9 African american children were not allowed to attend school due to the color of theiir skin. These children were harrased and were not let into the school. It was'nt until these children were led by soldiers before they could attend school.
  • The Arts

    The Arts
    Who: Artists
    What: New art style began
    Where: US
    When: 1960's
    Why: Felt that there was only 2 styles before hand so a new one was in need Art has been a major factor thoughout history. By the 1960 much did not change though. A new art style was created, it was called "pop art". This would create new logos for many huge companies, such as cambells.
  • The Freedom Rides

    The Freedom Rides
    Who: CORE
    What: Would use the things that only whites were supposed to use
    Where: Though out the US
    When: December, 1960
    Why: To get government to act and enforce new laws Many CORE member began to ride in the white only sections, go in whites-only waiting rooms, and and use facilities such as restrooms. They felt that this would force the government to act.
  • John F. Kenedy Takes Office After Close Campaign

    John F. Kenedy Takes Office After Close Campaign
    Who: John F. Kenedy
    What: JFK had won the presidency
    Why: JFK wanted to confront the new conflicts, such as civil right
    Where: Washington DC
    When: January 20, 1961 JFK takes office after being victorious in the close race with republican Richard NIxon.
  • First lady and the Children

    First lady and the Children
    Who: Jacqueline Kennedy and the Kids
    What: Set new examples of duties the have
    Where: The White House
    When: January 20, 1961
    Why: She saw that the ability to help others was needed As Kennedy moved in the white house, it was the first time that children had lived in the white house. Jacqueline saw that she needed to bring a new image of elegance and artisic visions to the white house.
  • New Votes

    New Votes
    Who: African American Voters
    What: Were trying to be helped on restering to vote
    Where: Thoughout the US (South was a major place)
    When: In the 1960's (VEP in 1962)
    Why: It was found that the amount of harm and opposition for african americans voting was at a high stance CORE, SNCC and other groups created the Voter Education Project to try to help southern African American register for voting. The opposition led to many African Americans being beaten, jailed, and much more.
  • 24th Ammendment Arises

    24th Ammendment Arises
    Who: Congress
    What: Passed the 24th ammendment
    Where: US
    When: August, 1962
    Why: To take taxes off voting Congress passed this ammendment to ban taxing on votes. This would help African Americans in voting. The original taxes could be used to prevent the African Americans from voting.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Who: Cuba
    What: Have recently been obtaining surface to air missiles.
    Where: Cuba
    When: First sight of missiles taken by plane on August 29, 1962
    Why: Cuba is helping the Soviet Union In hope that the US starts a war. In Cuba gaining these missiles it show the hate that the Soviet has towords the US. The Soviet Union wants a war to get the other strongest nation out of the picture.
  • Birmingham Protest

    Birmingham Protest
    Who: African americans lead Martin Luther King
    What: Had peaceful protest against segregation laws
    Where: Birmingham, Alabama
    When: April 12, 1963
    Why: To create a more equal place, for birmingham had been a strict enforcer of segregation. Martin Luther had let peaceful marches and sit-ins in Birmingham. They were soon met by local authorities and arrested. There fight would soon come to stop when city officials would meet with some of Kings demands.
  • Kennedy's Foreign Policy

    Kennedy's Foreign Policy
    Who: John F. Kenedy
    What: Made Huge strives towords foreign policy
    Where: Africa, Asia, Latin America
    When: June 10, 1963
    Why: To help foreign relationships to avoid conflict and also to help the other contries in need. JFK made many great strides towords a much better foreign relationship. He created the Peace Corps, these werw volunteers that would help educate, provide medical care, and agricultural adivise. He also created many other programs such as the Alliance for Progress.
  • Assassination

    Who: John F. Kennedy
    What: Assassinated
    Where: Texas (In a parade)
    When: November 22, 1963
    Why: He rode in a open car allowing a shot to be easily made him President Kennedy was assassinated during a motorcade. The car he was riding in was a open top vehicle so the assassin could make the shot easy and resulted in Kennedy's death.
  • Johnson Becomes President

    Johnson Becomes President
    Who: Lyndon B. Johnson
    What: Became president
    Where: On Air Force One
    When: November 22, 1963
    Why: Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson was sworin in on Air Force One Johnson became president shortly after JFK was assassinated. He was sworin in on Air Force One. This opposite man who was recently the Vice President was now officialy President of the US.
  • War on Poverty

    War on Poverty
    Who: President Johnson
    What: Made many new programs to stop poverty
    Where: Though out the US
    When: November 23, 1963
    Why: To try to end or help the many in poverty President Johnson had created many programs, such as the Economic Opportunity Act, Jobs Corps, and VISTA. All these make strives to impove the lives of those in poverty in hope to end all poverty.
  • New Commander

    New Commander
    Who: William Westmoreland
    What: Became the new commander
    Where: Vietnam
    When: June 1964
    Why: To drive enemy forces out William Westmoreland became the commander of the US troops in South Vietnam. He was ordered to drive the enemy forces out of their hideouts. Westmoreland would have a job that would lead many young men to the fate.
  • A Act on Civil Rights Has Been Made

    A Act on Civil Rights Has Been Made
    Who: Johnson
    What: Signed a bill creating equality in the work place and public
    Where: US, Birmingham, Washington
    When: July 2, 1964
    Why: Recent events showed that equality was needed After Kennedy was assassinated, and bombings killing african americans Johnson had plans on passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This banned discrimination in employment and in public accommodations.
  • Affirmative Actions Being Brought

    Affirmative Actions Being Brought
    Who: US Government
    What: began helping in the transition in equal rights in employment
    Where: Colleges and other places
    When: 1964 and on
    Why: to help the people create programs making a much more successful enviornment The US Government had created the Civil Rights Act of 1964 banning discrimination in employment. This would take time to come into full effect. The government would set up programs creating a much easier transition to the new act. But would loose support in the doing.
  • The Great Society

    The Great Society
    Who: President Johnson
    What: Johnson began his movement forward to the Great Society
    Where: The United States
    When: November,1964
    Why: Johnson want to create a great place to live, to change the way we are living today President Johnson created mew programs such as the Omnibus Housing Act, Medicaid, and Medicare. All these programs were made to improve a better life for Americans regardless to the economic status they Held.
  • Malcolm X Becomes Known

    Malcolm X Becomes Known
    Who: Malcolm X
    What: Began a radical movments towords equality
    Where: US
    When: February, 1965
    Why: He felt that the non violent movments did not give the people the rights to defend thierselves. Malcolm X would ultimatly become a large figure in creating equal rights though force. He would critisize other leaders of the same cause claiming they were not harsh enough.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder Commenced

    Operation Rolling Thunder Commenced
    Who: US Millitary and Johnson
    What: Created a bombing campaign
    Where: Vietnam
    When: March 2, 1965
    Why: to weaken enemy forces Operation Rolling Thunder was launched in order to destroy enemy supplies, bridges, roads, railways, and power plants. The main place bombing occured was on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It was thought this might help the US win.
  • Antiwar Movement

    Antiwar Movement
    Who: Many Antiwar US citizens
    What: Began protest against the war
    Where: Colleges mainly
    When: April 1965
    Why: To try to stop the war and bring troops home Many people began to protest, mainly at college campuses. The students held rallies and debates. They began a movement that questioned why we even were fighting.
  • Farmers Strike

    Farmers Strike
    Who: Latino Americans
    What: Began a strike from farm jobs
    Where: Delano, California
    When: 1965
    Why: To get higher pay for the hardwork they do Latinos in California began a strike let by Cesar Chaves and Dolores Huerta. They began the strike on the terms of low pay.
  • New Voting Rights Act of 1965

    New Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Who: Congress, Johnson
    What: Passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Where: US
    When: August 6, 1965
    Why: to give the government tool to help break down barriers to voting rights Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with flying colors. The sighning was attended by King, James Farmer, Rosa Parks, and many others. It was a major milestone in creating equal voting rights.
  • Black Power!

    Black Power!
    Who: Stokely Carmichael
    What: Became head of the SNCC and changed tactics
    Where: Greenwood, Mississippi
    When: May, 1966
    Why: Thought that more violent and aggressive actions were needed Stokely became head of the SNCC, after being arrested at Greenwood he began to change his ways. He began to use more aggressive tactics. This most famous lines were "What do you want" the crowd yells "BLACK POWER".
  • Feminist Organization Appears

    Feminist Organization Appears
    Who: Feminists
    What: create NOW
    Where: US
    When: 1966
    Why: To gain equality in the workplace, school, and courts. Feminists began the National Organizatoin for Women. They would try to stop discrimination in schools, work places,
  • Crusade for Justice

    Crusade for Justice
    Who: Rodolfo Gonzales
    What: Created Crusade for Justice group
    Where: US
    When: 1966
    Why: To give mexican american a new opportunity at life Rodolfo Gonzales began the group Crusade for Justice. This group held a sense of nationalism. It gave relief to the other mexican americans. They began free classes to educate on bilingual skills.
  • The Black Panthers Rise

    The Black Panthers Rise
    Who: Black Panthers
    What: Created and began call to violent revolution
    Where: Oakland, California
    When: October, 1966
    Why: To fight for equality and liberate the african americans The Black Panther Party was created by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. They began the group to liberate thier people by using violence and force. The group used guns to monitor and guard there neighborhoods.
  • New Mexican Group

    New Mexican Group
    Who: Mexicans in US
    What: Began Chicanos
    Where: US
    When: late 1960's
    Why: To get a sense of pride of nationality Mexican Americans began the Chicanos in the 1960's. This began a new group with a sense of nationalism. It was a new name, they now looked down on the others known as "Mexican Americans".
  • Hippies

    Who: Americans (Mainly College Students)
    What: Began a new name for the new culture
    Where: US
    When: 1967
    Why: To promote peace and freedom A new group arose called Hippies. They were mainly college students that fought for peace. Many used LSD or marajuana to get a sense of freedom of the violent world.
  • The Election of 1968

    The Election of  1968
    Who: Johnson, Humphrey, Kennedy, McCathy
    What: Began the race for the next president
    Where: US
    When: 1968
    Why: To become the next president Thoughout the race Vietnam was the major issue. Johnson had dropped out from re election. Now Kennedy and McCarthy both called for rapid end to war.
  • Doubts Are Growing

    Doubts Are Growing
    Who: Johnsonand citizens
    What: Citizens began to loose hope in the war
    When: 1968
    Why: The US had been loosing many Morals were down and a growing doubt had begun to form. The people of the US and even the President had seen were the war was. Peace had to made soon or too many would die.
  • Election Results

    Election Results
    Who: Presidential Campaign Runners
    What: Nixon Won the campaign
    Where: US
    When: 1968
    Why: Nixon won both popular and electoral votes During the campaign many of them fought during the campaign. In the end Nixon rose victorious above the rest. It seems that the way Nixon wanted to handle the war was the main reason he won.
  • Womens Liberation

    Womens Liberation
    Who: Women
    What: fought for equal rights
    Where: US
    When: Late 1960's
    Why: felt men and women should be socially, politcally, and economically equal. Women began a liberation movement called feminism. It called for equal rights between men and women. They wanted social, economic, and political equality.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1968 Created

    Civil Rights Act of 1968 Created
    Who: Johnson
    What: Signed the new act
    Where: US
    When: 1968
    Why: To create more equal rights between races in the US Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 creating much more equality. The Act would also be regarded as the Fair Housing Act. It bans discrimination in the sale or rental of housing.
  • New Music

    New Music
    Who: Hippies
    What: Attended Woodstock
    Where: Upstate New York
    When: 1969
    Why: To promote peace At woodstock more than 400,000 people attended. The new rock and roll music was the main show. Though the concert many great bands played, such as Jimi Hendrix. They all came to the concert as a movment for peace.
  • Troops Will Come Home

    Troops Will Come Home
    Who: Nixon
    What: called for peace between the US and Vietnam
    Where: Vietnam and the US
    When: 1969
    Why: In order to start to bring back troops and end the war With Nixons election he had begun to bring peace. He made a plan called Veitnamization which would slowly bring US troops home as we worked out a peace agreement.
  • Theats at Campuses

    Theats at Campuses
    Who: Students
    What: Protesting against the war, Nation Guard was brought in
    Where: Kent University
    When: May 2, 1970
    Why: Quarells between the students and National Guard When students a Kent State University were protesting the Nation Guard had been brought in. Soon the students began to throw rock and insult them. Next the Guard fired upon the students and 4 were killed and 9 were injured.
  • A New Black Power

    A New Black Power
    Who: John Lewis, Andrew Young, and Jesse Jackson
    What: Made major impact on the fight to equal rights
    Where: Court, Birmingham
    When: 1970's
    Why: to create equal rights for the African Americans John Lewis would b some of the first on many sit-ins and soon lead the SNCC. Andrew Young would play key roles in the Birmingham campaign and Selma march. Later he would become a US ambassador. Jesse Jackson would create a group called PUSH helping the poor.
  • Cambodia Taken

    Cambodia Taken
    Who: Khmer Rogue
    What: Took over Cambodia and slautered many
    Where: Cambodia
    When: 1975
    Why: to gain control of the country A communist group called Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and killed 1.5 million in order to try to subdue the country. In 1979 Vietnam had retaken the country and UN peacekeeping forces were placed there.
  • A New Ammendment

    A New Ammendment
    Who: Feminists
    What: New Creation of equal Rights Ammendment
    Where: US
    Why: To give women and men equal rights Feminists had a great victory in the creation of the equal rights ammenment. It gave men and women equal rights. A major step forward a equal community.