1960s Timeline

  • greensboro sit-ins

    greensboro sit-ins
    black protesters non-violently protested in woolsworths department store but led to violence and arrests towards the protestors
  • first televised olympics

    first televised olympics
    the olympic games was aired on tv for the first time
  • first televised presidential debate

    first televised presidential debate
    the presidential debate was aired for the first time on television and changed how people thought who won. viewers who watched the debate thought Kennedy won and those who listened to the debate thought nixon won
  • JFK is elected as president

    JFK is elected as president
    John kennedy is elected president and has a lot to do during his sadly short presidency..
  • a new enemy

    a new enemy
    the Viet cong are formed after Ngo Dinh Diem refused to hold elections
  • operation chopper

    operation chopper
    us flies south vietnamese soldiers into north vietnam which marked our first encounter with the viet cong
  • silent springs is published

    silent springs is published
    started the environmental movement
  • integreation of ole miss

    integreation of ole miss
    after the board of education trial it was passed in law that segregation was unconstitutional and that all school will be integrated. at ole miss whites rioted in outrage of the decision
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis
    the start of the longest thirteen days of president Kennedys life in which the US came the closest its ever been to nuclear war
  • Beatles first tour

    Beatles first tour
    the beatles start their first five day tour in the US
  • Birmingham Confrontation

    Birmingham Confrontation
    firefighters use fire hoses on STUDENT protestors in Birmingham
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    250000 people of all races gathered to promote their want for civil rights and equality
  • overthrown

    Ngo Diem Diem is overthrown and executed due to his unpopularity with his nation
  • JFK is assassinated

    JFK is assassinated
    JFK was assassinated by lee harvey oswald while he was campaigning in a motorcade in Texas
  • War on Poverty

    War on Poverty
    Johnson declares a war on poverty during his state of the union address
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    allowed Johnson to escalate the war in Vietnam
  • malcom x is assassinated

    malcom x is assassinated
    he gets assassinated after the black panthers was formed
  • escalating the war

    escalating the war
    3500 troops arrive in Vietnam after Johnson signs the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  • US troops arrive in vietnam

    US troops arrive in vietnam
    the first US troops arrive in south vietnam
  • publication of ralph naders unsafe at any speed

    publication of ralph naders unsafe at any speed
    the book talked about mainly the passage of putting seatbelts in every car to save lives
  • Foundation of NOW

    Foundation of NOW
    National Organization for Women is formed to pursue their goal of equality to men
  • UFW boycotts grapes

    UFW boycotts grapes
    farmers asscociation like MLK believes in non-violent protests so they boycott grapes after growers refused to grant more pay to the workers
  • highest troop count in Vietnam

    highest troop count in Vietnam
    475000 troops are in Vietnam
  • Tet Offensive ( turning point in the war)

    Tet Offensive ( turning point in the war)
    the vietnamese launch an strong attack in multiple areas hoping to overwhelm US forces but turns out to be a huge US military victory
  • Johnson decides not to run again

    Johnson decides not to run again
    Johnson tells the nation that he will not run for reelection during a prime time address
  • MLK's assassination

    MLK's assassination
    Martin Luther King jr. is assassinated by James Earl Ray while he was on his balcony at a hotel
  • Robert Kennedy is assassinated

    Robert Kennedy is assassinated
    Kennedy is shot by Sirhan B. Sirhan after winning his presidential primary election
  • New President

    New President
    Richard Nixon is elected as the new President and is determined to end the war without losing
  • Woodstock

    known for its use of drugs and expression of sexuality, 400000 hippies gathered for several days in a large field in new york.
  • My lai massacre

    My lai massacre
    US soldiers line up and execute over 567 Vietnamese civilians which caused great outrage in the states