1960s timeline

  • Womens Rights Movement

    Womens Rights Movement
    the womens right movement had been going on for many years before but was pivitol in the 1960s because women were determined to be equal to men.
  • Kennedy wins!

    Kennedy wins!
    kennedy beats nixon by a little but and is inaugrated as our youngest president the united states had yet.
  • Freedom rides

    Freedom rides
    many blacks and white gathered in huge groups and rode buses and other public transportation together to fight for equal rights.
  • kennedy launches his new foreign policy

    kennedy launches his new foreign policy
    Kennedy wanted peace between the communists and non-communists but would do anything to stop communism
  • Bay of pigs

    Bay of pigs
    kennedy attempts to bomb soviets and misses the target and ends up looking foolish to all of america. Soviets believe they have beat the U.S. Soldiers taken prisoner
  • integration of ole miss

    integration of ole miss
    James meredith a black man was accepted to the school of ole miss in 1962 many fought for him not to be there, he had military security take him around school untill he graduated
  • Cuban missile Crisis

    Cuban missile Crisis
    U.S and Soviet Union come close to a nuclear war, the problem is resolved when Robert Kennedy talks to Soviets leader.
  • the feminine mystique

    the feminine mystique
    Betty friedan published the feminine mystique discussing issues with womens rights.
  • clash in birmingham

    clash in birmingham
    white cops,firefighters, and town people attacked protestors in birmingham alabama with fire hoses,attack dogs, and tear gas.
  • buddhist monk burns alive

    buddhist monk burns alive
    a buddhist monk in vietnam burns himself alive to promote peace and show they will not tolerate war.
  • march on washington

    march on washington
    one of the largest rallies there was during the civil rights movement this is the event Martin Luther King gave his famous "i have a dream" speech
  • diem assassination

    diem assassination
    After south vietnam was angered by diem they took him over and killed him. United States had also given up on Diem to help make change.
  • 24th amendment

    24th amendment
    made it illegal to have poll tax for african americans, the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional.
  • civil rights act

    civil rights act
    forbid discrimination against sex,race, etc. women took this as they would be equal but they soon found out that, that was not true and they were still not equal to men.
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Gulf of Tonkin
    Vietnam attacked u.s ships causing tension and making the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which allowed the president to have full power over what happened in Vietnam
  • cam ranh bay

    cam ranh bay
    cam ranh bay becomes a major base for the united states.
  • Soldiers arrive in Vietnam

    Soldiers arrive in Vietnam
    tension begins to increase in vietnam because of the viet cong and U.S soldiers moving in on vietnam territory
  • voting rights act

    voting rights act
    gave african americans the right to vote without literacy tests and having to pay to vote.
  • Troops increase

    Troops increase
    385,000 troops enter vietnam in a short amount of time, causeing tension at home to increase dramatically.
  • now is formed

    now is formed
    the national organization for women is formed to get equal rights for women.
  • boycots for equal rights!

    boycots for equal rights!
    workers organize a national boycott on grapes picked on non-union farms.
  • six day war in the middle east

    six day war in the middle east
    june 5 -10 the middle east had its six day war while the united states and vietnam are in war.
  • tet offensive

    tet offensive
    the turning point in the vietnam war. Were America realized we may not have a chance too actually win this war.
  • my lai massacre

    my lai massacre
    U.S troops enter a small village of old men,women,and children made them stand together and opened fire. Another soldier stepped in and stopped the whole thing, this was kept from the united states for a very long time.
  • Lyndon Johnson wont run again!

    Lyndon Johnson wont run again!
    Vietnam became to stressful for Johnson because he realized he had really no shot at winning and could not stand the idea of losing. He dropped the race to president.
  • Martin luther king assassinated

    Martin luther king assassinated
    on his balcony about to give a speech MLK was shot and killed by a white man who was against civil rights.
  • Robert Kennedy assassinated

    Robert Kennedy assassinated
    was shot in a hotel kitchen and died the next day because of his wound. no reason was given as to why the man shot him.
  • Kennedy assassinated

    Kennedy assassinated
    while in dallas for a parade Kennedy is assassinated in his convertible in front of a crowd and his wife.
  • Woodstock

    woodstock went from august 15-18 and was the most peaceful concert there had ever been. Many came to support peace and listen to good music in a time period where they needed peace the most.
  • Altamont

    concert that was meant to be as peaceful as Woodstock and ended up in violence with someone dieing