• Period: to

    60s decade

  • John F Kennedy Moves into White House

    Kennedy moves into White House after beating Nixon in election.
  • MLK

    Martin Luther King Jr. Gave the famous "I Have a Dream" speech
    more then 200,000 peacful demonstrators came to the speech in Washington DC.
  • Kennedy Assasination

    Pres. Kennedy was shot while in a car in Dallas Texas, he was the youngest president to die.
  • The Beatles

    On this date the Beatles play their first Ed Sulivan show. 73 milliion people watched the show, and beatlemania began. The beatles were one of the most defining musicians in the decade.
  • Astrodome

    the first game was played in the astrodome on this date, it was the first roofed stadium.
  • Bomb raid on Vietnam

    Pres Johnson ordered bombing on Vietnam, The Vietnam War began to become much bigger and much more violent. lots of Americans opposed the war from this day forth.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney dies of cancer but left a large mark, many amusment parks and cartoons were made off his early comics and ideas.
  • First Heart Transplant

    Surgeon Christian Barnard performs first heart transplant on Louis Washkansky who had a heart disease. The surgery was a sucsess but Louis died shortly after.
  • MLK assassination

    MLK Jr. was shot outside a motel on this date.
  • Shirley Chisholm

    America's first African American elected into congress
  • Man on Moon

    Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldren land on Moon after the trip on Apollo 11.
  • Woodstock began

    This was the first day of the Woodstock music festival, It was also called 3 days of pe peace and music.
  • Woodstock ends