• Pocahontas

    She gave food to the colonists warned them of an upcoming attack. In 1613 she married John Rolfe in the first U.S. mixed marriage
  • Lucretia Mott

    Lucretia Mott
    Lucretia Mott considered slavery an evil to be opposed. She refused to use products that were slavery-produced goods. Elected as the first president of the American Equal Rights convention.
  • Sojourner Truth

    Sojourner Truth
    Isabella moved to New York City in 1829 with her 2 youngest children and changed her name to Sojourner Truth. She met and worked with other abolitionists and continued to preach.
    Sojourner Truth preached about abolition, women's rights, non-violence and communicating with spirits.
    During the Civil War she met with President Lincoln.
    Sojourner Truth spoke on behalf enlisting black troops to help free the slaves. In 1864 she was appointed to the National Freedman's Relief Association .
  • Elizabeth Blackwell

    Elizabeth Blackwell
    After enduring this hardship of watching eight siblings and eight cousins die, she was determined to become a doctor. Elizabeth decided to go to medical, 16 medical schools rejected her; however Geneva Medical College accepted her. Elizabeth was the first Female Doctor.
  • Ellen Swallows Richards

    Ellen Swallows Richards
    Ellen was the most prominet female American chemist of the 19th century, she saved $300.00 from teaching school, tutoring, and cleaning house's so she could attend Vassar College. after graduation she applied and was accepted by a scientific school, making her the first woman in America to be accepted by a scientific school
  • Marie Maynard Daly

    Marie Maynard Daly
    Marie was the first black woman to receive her PHD in chemistry. Marie Maynard Daly Clark became the diversity champion to increase the representation of minorities in science.
  • Winifred Edgerton Merrill

    Winifred Edgerton Merrill
    Winifred Edgerton Merrill was the first American Woman to receive a PHD in mathematics. In 1883 she earned her B.A. degree at Wellesley College. In 1886 Winifred Edgerton Merrill took her doctor's degree in Mathematics at Columbia. A portrait Of Winifred was presented to Columbia and now hangs in the academic building with the inscription "She opened the door."
  • Shirley Chisholm

    Shirley Chisholm
    Shirley Chisholm was elected assembly person to the New York legislature from the Fifty-fifth district in 1964 she served until 1968. She went on and defeated the famous civil-rights leader James Farmer and became the first Black woman to be elected into Congress.