1960 election

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    1960 election

  • enters presidental race

    enters presidental race
    John F Kennedy officially enters the 1960 race for president.
  • campaigning

    Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts stops in a diner in Nashua, New Hampshire, during the New Hampshire Primary Campaign. Photograph in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.
  • National convention

    National convention
    John F. Kennedy wins the democratic nomination for president.
  • Debate with Richard Nixon

    Debate with Richard Nixon
    70 million viewers watched the debate of the presidental candidates on t.v.
  • Won election

    Won election
    Kennedy won by a slim margin of 100,000 votes.
  • Oath of office

    Oath of office
    Kennedys most famous speech " Ask Not what your country can do for you what can you do for your country".