1958-1980 space timeline

  • galelo is the first to use the telescope

  • first rocket contraption was made

  • first artificial satelite was made

  • first animal to live in space

  • the first us space space satelite orbit earth

    explorer 1 orbits earth for the first time
  • c rocket is launched for orbit but it fails to reach orbt

  • the us launches a new space probe and is in actio for 3 years

  • spudnick3 is launched by the russians

  • nasa is founder

  • Israel launches its first satellite, the Ofeq 1 reconnaissance probe, aboard an Israeli Shavit rocket.

  • The first Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit, lands on Mars. Its twin, Opportunity lands Jan. 25.

  • India launches its three-stage Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle for the first time.

  • : A two-taikonaut crew launches aboard the Chinese Shenzhou 6.

  • Lockheed Martin completes the sale of its majority share in International Launch Services to Space Transport Inc. for $60 million

  • The Space Age turns 50, five decades after the historic launch of Sputnik 1.