1930 to 1950

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    Corn price drop.

    In 1929 the corn price was 69 cents it dropped to 29 cents by 1932 causing farmers to have no money it was due to a lack of education on how the market was going to work the farmers could not read it causing them to put out to much corn and the being to big of a supply with little demand.
  • Federal drought relief committee.

    Federal drought relief committee.
    In 1930 hoover made the federal drought relief community. This made hay, feed, and water prices cheaper so that farmers could farm for a cheaper price and make more money. It also but the sazed money towards building roads and damns in areas with a bad drought.
  • penny actions

    penny actions
    Farmers gathered together and told bidders to bid very low prices so that the banks would not sell there farm.
  • Rotting food

    Rotting food
    Farmers would leave there crops in the field because the price was so low that it wouldn't even pay for the harvest. Orchards would only pick perfect apples and those would only sell for 40 to 50 cents per cart. Eac cart held 200 apples. The rest would rot away in the orchards. This was all through the 1930s.
  • Acriculter adjustment act

    Acriculter adjustment act
    The government would pay farmers to not plat there crops. They did this to hopefully help make more of a demand for crops there for increasing the price.
  • dust storms

    dust storms
    In the first half of the 1930s dust storms removed really valuable topsoil from farm grun making it really hard to farm.
  • corn burns

    corn burns
    Some farmers where not even able to sell there corn so they would burn it all to the ground in the field.
  • checks in the mail

    checks in the mail
    The government would send money to the farmers in checks all across farm lands this was supposed to help the farmer through the year or help them buy new equipment.
  • beef canning

    beef canning
    The government would buy skinny cows tat where just bones. would kill them can the meat then give it to people with little to no food.
  • Japanese beetles.

    Japanese beetles.
    In the early 1940s a milk spray was invented to kill japenes beetles. Japanese beetles had been a sever problem for farmers and where destroying the crops.
  • New tractors

    New tractors
    In 1949 the first farmall m was made this was the biggest tractor of te farmall letter series. This allowed farmers to use bigger plows and go at higher speeds so the harvest and planting could be done faster and more efficient.