Film History

  • 1921 BCE

    The kid

    This movie was created in 1921 and it is/ was about a man who cared for an abandoned child... but the things that went on in the household caused a couple of issues.
  • Nosferatu

    This movie was created in 1922 and is about a vampire who has caught feelings for a real estate agent. It wasn't realized until 1929 though.
  • Metropolis

    This movie was created in 1927. This movie is about the cities mastermind falling in love with someone is predicting the cities future.
  • The Racket

    THIs film came out in 1928. This movie is about A messed up political system and a police man is planning to put this man away who is protected by politicians and the screwed government
  • City Lights

    This film came out in 1931. This film is about A tramp has fell in love with a lady and he wants to help her medically
  • It Happen One Night

    This film came out in 1934. A young man and Women meet each other on the bus and the bus left them together at a bus stop as themes leaves them behind
  • Modern Time

    This movie was created in 1936. This film is about young women who struggles living in the society and she gets help from another young lady who has lived in this society for a good minute.
  • The Wizard of Oz

    This movie came out in 1929.This film is about a girl who gets swept across by a tornado and she comes across an magical land where she makes friends is the are able to help her find her way back home.