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In History
  • Joseph Stalin

    appointed general secretary of the Russian communist party
  • Calvin Coolidge becomes President

    became president after Harding unexpectedly died while in office
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Nazi's attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government, Hitler was sentenced 5 years in prison but spent less than one year
  • Beer Hall Putsch defeated

    Nazi's failed to overthrow the Bavarian government
  • Immagration Act of 1924

    goal was to limit the amount of immigrants allowed through a national origins quota
  • Revenue Act

    cut out federal tax rates, later renamed the United States Tax Court
  • Dawes Plan

    proposed by Dawes Committee to resolve WWI reparations that Germany had to pay
  • President Coolidge Inauguration

  • The Scopes Trial

    John T. Scopes brought to trial for violation the Butler Act for teaching students evolution
  • Herbert Hoover becomes President

  • US Stock Market Crash

    four day crash in the stock market contributed to the Great Depression, market dropped 25%
  • Franklin Roosevelt becomes President

  • End of Prohibition

    the end allowed alcohol to be manufactured and distributed in the US
  • Hitler becomes Fuher

    Hitler becomes supreme power of Germany
  • Franklin Roosevelt Inuaguration

  • Germany Troops Occupy Rhineland

    Germany successfully took over Rhineland
  • Hossbach Conferance

    turning point for Hitler's foreign policy and military
  • World War II begins

    Britain and France declare war on Germany
  • Soviets invade Finland

    USSR invade because of Finland's stable economy and their growth
  • Hitler takes France

    takes France through a massive siege and several battles, couldn't stop them for 6 weeks
  • Battle of Britain

    air battle between Germany and Britain
  • Franklin Roosevelt begins third term as President

  • Russia enters WWII

    Hitler terminated the pact by launching operation Barbossa
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
  • Franklin Roosevelt begins fourth term as President