1919-1929 timeline

  • 18th amendment

    also called prohibition, this amendment made alcohol illegal in the U.S
  • palmer raids

    palmer hunted down and arrested suspected communists, socialists, and anarchists.
  • volstead act

    established a prohibition bureau in the treassury department that was underfunded
  • lenin and the communist state/ Red scare

    americans began to fear that communists were trying to take over the country
  • sacco and vanzetti trial

    sacco and vanzetti were charged with robbery and murder and executed in 1927
  • 19th amendment ratified

    gave women the right to vote
  • teapot dome affair

    Albert Fall used his political power to make secret deals with oil companies and make a profit for himself with the oil rich lands of teapotdome, Wyoming
  • national origins act

    established immigration quotas that discriminated strongly against people from outside western europe
  • scopes trial

    scopes was a teacher in tennesse who was arrested for teaching evolution to his students.
  • charles lindbergh crosses the atlantic

    it took lindbergh 33 hours and 29 minutes to cross the atlantic
  • 1st talking movie, the jazz singer is released

    talking movies doubled movie attendence in the U.S
  • herbert hoover elected president

    hoover was elected just before the stock market crash
  • stock market crash

    the thursday through tuesday of that week were called "black"