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  • The proposed annexation of Hawaii sparked debate over colonial expansion

  • Revolt in Cuba

  • United States is pulled in

    United States is drawn into a struggle between Cuba and Spain, which brought on destruction and suffering to ts borders
  • Sinking of the U.S.S Maine

    The U.S.S Maine explodes and sinks, which sparked the beginning of the Spanish- American War.
  • United States gains land

    By the start of 1899, the nation had formally acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippines
  • The Foraker Act

    Congess passed the Foraker Act, which ended the military rue and set up a civil government, which allowed the president and other officials to allow Puerto Ricans to be members of legislature.
  • Vice President becomes President

    Theodore Roosevelt becomes president after McKinley is assinated.
  • New President: Howard Taft

    Howard Taft is eleceted as President of the United States of the America
  • presidential election

    Woodrow Wilson is elected the president of the United States of America.
  • The War Begins

    World War I begins in Europe.
  • Mexico's revisions

    Mexico revises and adopts a new constitution
  • Citizenship

    Puerto Ricans become U.S citizens
  • The War

    The United States enters World War I.
  • The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal is opened