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The Life of Abraham Lincoln

By jstrunk
  • Abraham Lincoln is Born

    Abraham Lincoln is Born
    Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in 1809 near Hodgenville, Kentucky. His parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. When he was 8, Abraham Lincoln and his family moved by wagon across the Ohio River into Indiana to live in a log cabin that Abraham and his father had built.
  • Abraham's Mother Dies.

    Abraham's Mother Dies.
    Abraham was 9 years old when his mother passed away. It was very lonely in the cabin until Abraham's father married again in 1819. Abraham grew to love his stepmother,
    Sarah Johnston Lincoln.
  • Lincoln's River Journey

    Lincoln's River Journey
    Lincoln grew to be a tall and strong teenager. In 1828, at 19, he helped take a flatboat down the Ohio River to New Orleans. There Lincoln saw for the first time slaves being sold in the marketplace. Lincoln would work to end slavery for the rest of his life.
  • Lincoln Receives his Law License.

    Lincoln Receives his Law License.
    Lincoln became a lawyer. He first practiced law in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln needed a place to keep his important papers handy, so he tucked them into his tall black hat! Lincoln spent six months each year riding the circuit, or traveling through the state to try cases as a lawyer. Lincoln liked to meet and help people. He was famous for being hard-working and honest.
  • First Speech Against Slavery

    First Speech Against Slavery
    Lincoln makes his first public speech against slavery
  • Married Mary Todd.

    Married Mary Todd.
    Lincoln met Mary Todd, a lively girl from Kentucky. They were married in November of 1842 when Lincoln was 33 years old. Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln had four sons, Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas. Edward died at age four.
  • First debate against Stephen Douglas

    First debate against Stephen Douglas
    Lincoln believed that the United States stood for freedom for all. He wanted to become a United States Senator. In 1858, Lincoln debated Stephen Douglas who was also a candidate for the Senate from Illinois. The two men made speeches in seven cities, debating the issue of slavery. Many people in the country during this time owned slaves. There were also many Americans who thought slavery was wrong. Abraham Lincoln thought that this argument about slavery was dividing the country. Lincoln worke
  • Last debate against Douglas.

    Last debate against Douglas.
    Because of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln became known across the United States. It was Douglas who was elected to the Senate by a vote of 54 to 46.
  • Civil War Begins.

    Civil War Begins.
    Lincoln's Union army fought the Southern Confederate armies. Many soldiers were hurt and killed in the battles. One such battle was in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In 1863, a ceremony was held to dedicate a cemetery on the Gettysburg battlefield. Lincoln made a famous speech that has become known as the Gettysburg address.
  • Lincoln took the oath of office to become President of the United States.

    Lincoln took the oath of office to become President of the United States.
    It was a difficult time to be president. Many Southern states who did not agree with Lincoln about slavery seceded, or declared that they were not a part of the United States.
  • President Lincoln Passes Away.

    President Lincoln Passes Away.
    Americans grieved at the loss of their President. Both Lincoln's friends and enemies praised his selflessness and kindly spirit after his death. A train carried his body across the country so that thousands of mourners could pay their respects to Abraham Lincoln one last time. Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois.
  • President Lincoln Shot.

    President Lincoln Shot.
    Lincoln attended a play at Ford's Theatre. A shot rang through the crowded theater. John Wilkes Booth had shot the President.