The history of New Farm Park, Brisbane

Timeline created by Jack Rushbrook
In History
  • a penal settlement was founded in Brisbane

  • Captain Logan ordered the clearning of the site for a 'new farm'

  • convict labourers planted maize, potatoes, pumpkin and corn

  • a racecourse was built on the site

  • villa estates were established

  • Brunswick Street thoroughfare was subdivided into residential allotments

  • horse-drawn trams were introduced to New Farm

  • horse trams were replaced with electric trams

  • Brisbane City Council acquired the site

  • New Farm Park was created by the Brisbane City Council

  • the Powerhouse became operational

  • the Powerhouse was enabled to supply power to surrounding suburbs

  • landscape aritist Harry Oakman designed the park

  • electric trams ceased operation

  • the Powerhouse stopped supplying power to the trains

  • Summerhouse Kiosk was a popular meeting place for breakfast

  • the Powerhouse opened as an Arts Centre

  • Summerhouse kiosk was destroyed by fire