1812 and 1813

  • the war starts

    America declared war against Britian
  • capture of fort mackinac

    the british take over fort mackinac
  • battleof maguaga

    the battle of maguaga starts
  • seige of detroit

    the seige of detroit starts
  • fort dearborn massacre

    the british attack the american's fort dearborn
  • massacre at pidgeon roost

    the americans made a surprisa attack on the british pidgeon roost
  • raid on gananoque

    the americans forced 200 british after they attacked Gananoque, Ontario
  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    the battle of queenston heights starts
  • americans retreat

    the americans retreat from eastern canada
  • americans attack fort erie

    americans attack the british fort erie
  • the battle of missinewa

    the battle ofmissenewa starts
  • battle of frenchtown

    the battle of frenchtown starts
  • river raisin massacre

    the British attacked the Americans at river raisin
  • raid on elizabethtown

    the americans raid elizabethtown
  • battle of Ogdensburg

    the battle of Ogdensburg begins
  • battle of york

    the battle of york starts
  • seige of fort meigs

    the british try to capture the american fort meigs, but fail and have to raise the seige
  • seige of fort meigs

    the british try to capture fort meigs, but fail and have to raise the seige
  • battle of fort george

    the nbattle of fort george starts
  • abandon

    the british abondon fort erie
  • battle of craney island

    the battle of craney island starts
  • battle of beaver dams

    the battle of beaver dams starts
  • battle of burnt corn

  • battle of lake erie

    the battle of lake erie starts
  • battle of thames

    the battle of thames begins
  • Battle of Leipzig

    the Battle of Leipzig begins
  • Battle of the Chateauguay

    the Battle of the Chateauguay begins
  • Battle of Tallushatchee

    the Battle of Tallushatchee begins
  • Battle of Talladega

    the Battle of Talladega begins
  • Battle of Crysler's Farm

    th Battle of Crysler's Farm begins
  • Capture of Fort Niagara

    the british cature the american fort niagara