1763-1776 Timeline

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  • Proclamation of 1763

    Britain won the the seven year war and gained land in North America. This prohibited American colonists from settling west of Appalachia.
  • Sugar act

    This was the first tax on the American colonies by the British Parliament. The purpose was to reduce the rate of tax on molasses from six pence to three pence per gallon. The act also listed more foreign goods to be taxed including sugar, certain wines, coffee, etc.
  • Stamp act

    This was to help pay for British troops stationed in the colonies during the seven year war. It required the colonists to pay tax represented by a stamp on different forms of papers, documents, and playing cards.
  • Boston Massacre

    The British government had been trying to gain more control over the colonies and raise taxes so what started as a minor fight became the turning point in the beginning of the America Revolution because it helped the colonists desire for American independence.
  • Boston Tea Party

    About 100 Bostonians dressed as Indians and boarded the ships and they smashed open 342 chests of tea and dumped the contents into the harbor to protest against a British tax on tea.
  • Intolerable Acts

    The five acts/laws that were passed during this was Boston Port Act, Massachusetts Government Act, Administration of Justice Act, Quartering Act, and the Quebec Act. The laws were meant to get back at the Massachusetts colonists because of what they did in the Tea a party protest and they were hoping to see change in taxation by the British.
  • First Continental Congress

    The First Continental Congress was a compact among the colonies to boycott British goods unless parliament should rescind the Intolerable Acts.
  • Second Continental Congress

    The Second Continental Congress represented America's first real attempt at representative self-governance with it being the governing body of the American colonies and at the time it was an idea that was radical enough to spark revolutions.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was the first formal statement by a nation's people asserting their right to choose their own government.