1734-1775 college history

By custerh
  • Zenger Trial

    Zenger Trial
    Zenger went to court for publishing "inaccurate" information about the royal governor of New York. The jury voted him not gulity. Which was a start to the freedom of press.
  • War of Jenkins' Ear

    War of Jenkins' Ear
    Was between Britian and Spain. Started due to conflicts over Britian taking advantage of a treaty rule over Spain.
  • End of King George's War in America

    End of King George's War in America
    The teaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ended this war. The war was also known as the War of Jenkins' Ear.
  • Albany Congress

    Albany Congress
    the meeting of seven of the thirteen colonie's leaders to discuss better relationships with the Native Ameican tribes
  • Lose at Ohio Valley

    Lose at Ohio Valley
    George Washington was sent with 150 men to the Ohio Valley. But Washington surrended.
  • General Braddock sets out

    General Braddock sets out
    Braddock left for a defeat with 2000 men but in the end lost and many men had died. They had to surrender due to the amount of cassulties.
  • Capturingg of Fort Duquesne

    Capturingg of  Fort Duquesne
    Governor Braddock with 2000 men went to Frot Duquesne but were stoped by a much smaller force.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    This started the Seven-Year War. This was after Braddock's Blunder. The outcome when it was over was France loosing it colonies.
  • Plains of Abraham

    Plains of Abraham
    First attack of the Battle of Qubec. the british were led by James Wolfe and the French were led by Marquis de Montcalm.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    English had gained controll of Quebec due to the defeat of France. Because of this defeat Britian had much controll of North America.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This treaty ended the war between French and Britian. Te treaty also hand that France had to leave all their coloines to ownership of Great Britian.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Was issued to the Noth American colonies by the British Parliment to not settle west of the Appalachin Mountains.
  • March of the Paxton Boys

    March of the Paxton Boys
    The Scots-Irish led this in Philadelphia for the policies towards the Indians. So they threatened to burn down the city.
  • Molasses Act

    Molasses Act
    Parlament passed this act due to the colonies trading with other places. The act states that a tax was to be imposed on te colonist who got molasses from another country
  • Population Growth

    Population Growth
    The population grew due to colinixation and more births. more settlers were coming form different places over the Old World and caused a a poplulation shift with in North America