Battles Of The Civil War

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  • First Shots Fired

    First Shots Fired
    At 4:30 A.M. on April 12,1861 shore guns opened fire on the island fort. For 34 hours the cofedreates fired shells into the fort until they surrendered. This was the begining of the civil war.
  • Battle At Bull Run

    Battle At Bull Run
    Union forces commanded by Genral Irvin Mcdowell clashed with confederate forces headed by Genral Pierre Beauregaurd.The battle Left the south thrilled and the north shocked that they had lost. The confederates had won.
  • The Battle Of Shiloh

    The Battle Of Shiloh
    The union General that was in command was Tecumseh Sherman. The Genral of the cofederates was killed causing Genral Pierre Beaguard to take his place.The fight went on all day. That night there was a storm where thunder and lighting lit up the sky. Also that night union boats ran up river to ferry fresh troops. When they got back they attacked which caused the south to retreat. So it was a union victory.
  • Fall Of New Orleans

    Fall Of New Orleans
    The union fleet was lead by Genral David Faragut. He is the one who captured neworleans. This was the largest city in the south so capturing it would hurt the confederates. When they did it was a big blow to them. The only part of the mississipi that they had not captured was only a strech of 150 miles.
  • Bloody Antietam

    Bloody Antietam
    What happened was Mcclellans army calashed with Lees. It was the bloodiest day in all of american history.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    The battle only lasted three days form July 1 to the 3. One of the battles in those three days was pickets charge and there was also another battle before the seige at vickersburg. The union had finally won.
  • Q and As

    Q Who lead the union army at the battle of shiloh,
    A William Tecumseh Sherman
    Q What is the date for the fall of new orleans
    A April 25 1862
    Q How long did the battle of greensburg last
    A 3 days