By burrton
  • Endurance was trapped

    The Endurance was trapped in the ice trying to go across the Souith Pole. The crew saved what they could from the ship and set up camp on the ice.
  • The ship froze into the water.

    The ship broke and froze into the water while the men were at camp.
  • Pulling safety boat out of ice

    The crews pulling the safety boat out of the ice. The next day the men were looking for food and Shack found a sea leopard and killed it in one shot.
  • The Plan

    The crew smelled terrible because they couldn't take shower for months. The crew decided where they were going.
  • 11pm, The Crevasse

    When the crew was sleeping the two big ice pieces broke apart and made a crevasse and one of the members of the crew fell in and landed in the water.
  • The crew is traveling

    The crew is still traveling to get to Elephant Island. The crew is very sick.
  • Macking the crew happy

    The crew was veary borad and sick and tired so one of the crew mebers tray to cheer them up with a song but it did not worck.
  • finding elephant island.

    The crew found elephant island at last. the crew is macking shelter out of the boats getting ready for a nother long trip.
  • Going to goriga.

    Some of the crew is going to goriga while the reast are still at elephant island.
  • They found Elephant island.

    The crew found the whaling staition and they had to clim to get to it.
  • Falling down.

    The crew climed the clif and fell down and laughed beacase no one got hurt.
  • 4pm, hoeres.

    Half of the they crew made it to the whaling staion and they recurd the others.