ice michael

By burrton
  • Endurance was traped.

    The endurance was traped in the ice tryingto go across the South Pole. The crew saved what they culd from the ship and set up camp on the ice.
  • The ship swallowed.

    The ship was being swallowed by the weddell sea.
  • Pulling ship.

    The crew was trying to pull the ship to open water to travel to elaphant island. The crew had meat because they shot a seal
  • Sailing

    The crew is sailing to elaphant island. They wanted to do that because they were ready to leave.
  • 11pm ice splits!

    The crew had set up camp on land. Then a big wave hit and cracked the ice. They had to get Ernie Holness out before the ice closes.
  • had to get to elaphant island.

    The crew had to get to elaphant island at last after a long trip.
  • reached elaphant island

    The crew had found elaphant island after a long trip at sea.
  • Going to Georga island

    Shack and some other people were going to find Georga island. The people who were staying had shelter and food.
  • battle storm.

    The men were going to Geoerga island when they were hit by a srorm.
  • Reached Georga island

    The crew was travling forever when they found Georga island.