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  • Native Americans

    Native Americans
    The Native Americans walked over on a land bridge to America they created lots of history and tradition here. They grew families and tribes and lived off the land they were some of the first people to discover America. They still have natives that live today that
  • Puritans

    The Puritans were very heavy in religion and believed that everything you should do should be based on God the hard work in the fields determines if you go to heaven how you dress and when you go to church determines your fate
  • Maine became the 1st incorporated American city.

    kings Charles the first made Maine the first American city this is the same king that was being beheaded for treason he claimed his domination on this American providence
  • King Charles I is beheaded for treason

    kings Charles was executed for committing treason which is trying to overtake your own country and kill important people in your own government to do so he was tried and convicted of this and then executed
  • Paradise lost

    This is a poem about the more real side of people it was around the realism it talks about feelings and things that were going on around that time other then romantics
  • Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlett letter is a book about the Puritan times and how discipline and things can occur around this time it's about a female that is having someone else's baby and how she is punished for it in the Puritan culture
  • Age of reason

    The age of reason was a time when everything was needed to be proven or everything was being proven or backed up by science before everything was just there and why it was there is because someone said it was there was no reason so this time was more for exploration of science and things
  • Deceleration Of Independence

    The declaration of independence is a document that was written to help declare the colonist's independence to separate away from great Britain making America an independent colony
  • Constitution

    The constitution of the United States is to give each citizen that lives in the country certain rights that they have that the government can not infringe on meaning you have the right to do what you want without being stopped or talked to by government officials if the law is not being broken
  • Pride And Prejudiced - Emma

    this is a romantic story that takes place in an older village it is a romanticism it talks about how this couple will live happily and have a great life because of a potion
  • Abraham Lincoln is Nominated President

    Abhram lincon is one of the most memorable presidents of the United States he was a great leader in the civil war and lead America to victory he would later be assinated in a movie theater
  • 1863 Desiree's baby

    this book is a good example of how things were in the early times it talks about getting married early and having kids the whole book is about kids but it also talks about racism feminism and other topics that were a problem
  • the adventures of tom sawyer

    tome sawyer is a book about a boy that runs around Mississippi and get in trouble a good amount of times gets out of school and gives his aunt a hard time he also finds that him and his friends get in trouble too but this book takes places in the 1800s
  • Plessy vs Ferguson

    This is a supreme court case that upheld segregation a man named Plessy refused to sit in an all black car and this case went all the way to the supreme court and won the segregation would still remain but at a lesser amount everything had to be separate or equal
  • A pair of silk stockings

    this shows a struggle between two people life and personal lives it also shows how much money was worth at that time and how women never had any but when they did they would treat themselves
  • Realism

    Realism is the time of when everything started to become real although this is more on the literature side of things instead of writing about fantasies they would write about dramas and real feelings and things they were experiencing
  • Modernism

    Modernism is the time where innovation started to take place machines were being produced new ideas came to light and people were becoming smarter and developing things that they could use to make their lives easier it is a era that would later shape how the world worked and advanced
  • Heart of Darkness Josheph Conrad

    this book is about a man that is going over countries and how he's in the ocean going to meet another man to help him out
  • The Varieties of Religious Experience

    this talks about all the different religious experiences you can have and all the types of things that were being brought up at this time all new beliefs
  • The great Boer war

    The Boer war is a war that took place between Britan and South Africa they fought over gold and diamonds and things such as slavery and rights Britain ended up winning this war by a huge amount
  • World War 2

    World War 2 started when Germany decided to invade a number of countries and turn on it own people Hitler the communist leader would not back down The United States got involved to help the allies take down Germany
  • God And A Man At Yale

    this book talks about academic freedom and being able to study what you want when you want without any consequences
  • Why We Cant Wait

    This book is about Martin Luther King jr and how people couldn't wait to stand up to their rights they need to act now so people that are after they have a better life
  • Boston Bombing

    The Boston bombing was a terrible terrorist attack on the United States two men that were Muslims and born in the soviet union the bombings occurred during the Boston marathon which is a very popular race in Boston many people show up to run or watch their family run on this day two men took two timed bombs and placed them in a crowd and blew them up three people died over 200 were injured
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    Native Americans

    The Native Americans walked from a land bridge over to Alaska there are many stories about them and many tribes and people most of which still exist today this is why I put 2019 the Native Americans were the first founders of America and grew colonies here and created lots of tradition and history throughout the years
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    Native Americans

    The Native Americans were a group of people that migrated over the landbridge over to America they were the first people here and created lots of tradition for America they have a lot of history here and still do this is why I put 2019 they grew tribes in different states and lived off the land