Meriwether Lewis

  • Birth of Mewiwether Lewis

  • Moved to Georgia with stepfather and mother

  • Graduated from Liberty Hall

  • Appointed to the Virginia militia

  • Joined U.S. Army

  • Passed and raised in Door to Virtue Lodge No. 44

  • Appointed as an aide for president

  • Chosen as commander of the expedition

  • Recruited Clark for the expedition

  • Gathered supplies, a boat, etc.

  • Lewis & Clark depart for expedition

  • Charles Floyd is one of the only people to die

  • Lewis is shot and wounded by Pierre Cruzatte

  • Sacagawea and Charbonneau stay in their village

    August 14, 1806
  • Lewis returns, along with Clark, to St. Louis

    September 23, 1806
  • Sacagawea and Charbonneau join the expedition

  • Appointed governor of the Louisiana Purchase

  • Nominated as first master of Lodge No. 111

  • Lewis commits suicide