B3 Cindy Campbell

  • Ronald Reagan: Commander and Chief

    Ronald Reagan: Commander and Chief
    The wonderful day came that Mr. Reagan was officially America's presdent. As a conservative, he wanted to cut taxes and let the people spend their money the way they pleased, but how does this make him Commander and Chief? One major thing Mr. Reagan wanted to do was expand our military. When Communism was at its best, we were ready, with the command of Mr. Reagan, to end the Cold War.
  • Ronald Reagan: Chief of State

    Ronald Reagan: Chief of State
    Only 67 days after his inauguration, Mr. Reagan indured an attempted assassination. Thankfully Mr. Reagan survived and was in good condition. How is this Chief of State? This doesn't make America look good. Well, Mr. Reagan's popluarity soared after this had happened. It showed everyone that we don't give up and suckers like that can't win. This made our president at the time, braver than ever before.
  • Ronald Reagan: Chief Executive

    Ronald Reagan: Chief Executive
    Mr. Reagan appointed the first woman Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor. This was a bold move, but as Chief Executive, he could appoint anyone into government positions.
  • Ronald Reagan : Most Important Decision

    Ronald Reagan : Most Important Decision
    Ronald Reagan fired 13,000 of the 17,000 PATCO workers that went on strike. He fired them because they caused a huge problem in transportation. This is important because it was a really big decision for him to make. And it affected lots of people's opinions of him.
  • Ronald Reagan: Chief Legislator

    Ronald Reagan: Chief Legislator
    Signed on this date, throughout 1981, Mr. Reagan persuaded Congress to pass the Economic Recovery Tax Act. This lead to a booming 80s and a huge deficit in the 90s. As Chief Legislator, he must pay attention to laws that could, or may not, help our country.
  • Ronald Reagan: Head of Political Party

    Ronald Reagan: Head of Political Party
    Mr. Reagan's second inauguration was on this date. His Republican platform was to cut taxes and increase defense spending. This was a Political Party decision because he implimented the views of the Republicans.
  • Ronald Reagan: Executive Order

    Ronald Reagan: Executive Order
    Mr. Reagan signed the executive order for the White House Conference for a Drug Free America. This was Executive because he had a big part of the signing.
  • Ronald Reagan: Chief Diplomat

    Ronald Reagan: Chief Diplomat
    On this day, Mr. Reagan gave an electrifying speech about the Berlin Wall. Mr. Reagan himself said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" which is Mr. Reagan as Chief Diplomat. As Chief Diplomat, you must be able to communicate with foreign leaders to help make the world a better place for everyone.