Chey's New Orleans Timeline

  • Apr 14, 1559

    Hurrican Season

    From 1559 to 1969 one hundred and sixty hurricans struck Louisiana. Betsy developed the first hurrican protection plan for the city and state.
  • A French Foothold

    A french man that went to New Orleans (or where New Orleans is now) said "I did not find any at all that were not flooded."
  • Louisiana Purchase

    There was a flood that lasted almost a year long and it drove many of the poorer people of New Orleans away.
  • Levees Only Policy

    The worst food so far occurs and lasted over 91 days.
  • Spillways and Sprawl

    Then finially in march of 1936 the seven thousand foot long spillway is finially complete. There are three hundred and fifty openings and they each have twenty timber planks that can be individually removed to increase flow out of the spillway.
  • Modern Times

    Hurrican Katrina is put as the greatest natural disaster in u.s. history. The storm killed over one thousand people, left over one hundred thousand homeless, andcaused damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars.