Viktor Schauberger

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  • born in austria

    30 June 1885
    Viktor Schauberger born in Holzschlag, Upper Austria, into a family with a long tradition of caring for the unspoilt Alpine forests.
  • Appointed forest warden and gamekeeper.

    1919 Appointed forest warden and gamekeeper.
  • Head warden ('forst meister') in Brunnenthall-Steyerling, the property of Prince Adolph van Schaumburg-Lippe.

  • something happened

    something hapened
  • Radical designs of new log flume at Steyerling

    which greatly reduced cost of bringing trees out of inaccessible mountains, with no damage to the timber.
  • National consultant for timber flotation, building successful flumes in Austria, Bavaria and Yugoslavia.

  • Timber flotation installation research-Neuberg an der Mrz/Styria

    In 1926, he undertook research at a timber flotation installation in Neuberg an der Mrz in Styria.
  • Book:Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit released

    Viktor Schauberger releases "Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit", "Our Senseless Toil - The Cause of the World Crisis"; subtitled 'Growth through Transformation, not Destruction, of the Atom'.
  • 20KV Water Drop Experiment constructed by Viktor&Walter

    Constructs with his son Walter a replica of Lord Kelvin's Falling Water Experiment of capillary research, generating a voltage of 20,000 volts.
  • Patent application for his radical 'golden plough'.

    Viktor's son Walter invited by St. Barbe Baker to go on a top universities lecture tour in England. British scientists impressed, but admitted to St. Barbe afterwards that, though his implosion theories are correct, they will never be implemented, because everything would have to be re-done in science
  • Popel Report - The experiments carried out at the Department of Hygiene at the Stuttgart University of Technology by Prof. Franz Ppel, on the investigation of friction in helicoids pipes with various forms of wall structure. This independent investigatio

  • A Canadian aerospace company offers to buy a propulsion system for their Avrocar disc from Schauberger, which he declined because it was likely to be used for military purposes.

  • Book: Leopold Brandstatter: Implosion statt Explosion

    Gerchsheimer interest possibly sparked by Leopold Brandstatter's booklet "Implosion statt Explosion" published in 1956, although Gerchsheimer does not confirm this, in which Viktor's theories were elaborated.
  • Viktor's Letter to Mr.R

    I was always challenged to provide proof. Whenever I did this, I was robbed to such an extent that no other course was open to me, other than to remain silent once more. In the February issue of Weltgewissen you will be able to read that these apparatuses which the Austrian State Police took from me, are now being manufactured in Germany with enormous success. This has happened to me twelve times. ..
  • Gerchsheimer, Robert Donner approach, USA TEXAS

    Gerchsheimer, Robert Donner approach, USA TEXAS
  • dies in austria

    25 September 1958