15 technology timeline dates

  • radio is developed

    the radio is developed for use in ww1
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    technology timeline

  • commercial radio becomes important

    Commercial radio broadcasting becomes an important mass medium for entertainment and news
  • television is invented and put into use

    The very first few homes get television to watch broadcasted programs
  • ibm is created

    IBM technology company is formed and makes their first computer, the 701.
  • first communications satellite launched

    First communications satellite is launched, allowing worldwide live broadcast of 1964 Olympics
  • internet is invented

    Robert Kahn and Vincent Cerf invent the Internet, funded by the US Defense Department.
  • apple is invented

    Apple Company is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne
  • google company is invented

    Google company is formed, dominating the Web industry
  • YouTube is created

    YouTube is created, dominating the online video web world
  • playstation3 releases

    the PlayStation releases in 2006 to compete with the Xbox 360
  • first iphone invented

    the first apple iPhone was released by apple
  • instagram launched

    Instagram was launched becoming the biggest social media app
  • air pods release

    air pods become the first wireless ear buds
  • 5g technology was released

    5g technology was released making the fastest internet speeds